Imagine- ONly girl in the world

Imagine Only! it will be short because its only an Imagine... Bout' you and Niall! if you see this Y/N it means your name!


1. Niall and You- Married (imagine)

Walking down the aisle, on the beach, everything seemed like it was right where it was suppose to be. Your friends, your family were all in the crowd, and your dream man on the other side of the aisle. Walking side by side to your father, when you looked up, you could see his eyes glowing in pride, in happiness. As you said your vows, you looked deeply into each others eyes. There it was, the butterflies, your stomach churning, your heart racing and pounding uncontrollably in your chest, just like the very first time you met him. Then when the time came to say "I do" and make the promise of a life time, there wasn't a moment's hesitation. When Niall kissed you, you could hear everyone there cheering and clapping, they all knew it was true love. After the reception, you and Niall decided to talk a walk down the beach. "You remember the first time we met, you had so much One Direction stuff on," Niall smiled. "And do you remember what I said?" You asked. "That we'd be married one day," he chuckled. "Who knew it would actually happen huh?" "I did, I always knew we were meant to be" You answered looking up at him. "I know now. Y/N and Niall. Niall and Y/N. Together forever. In sickness and in health," then turning towards you he grabbed you by the hand, "for richer or for poor" you continued. "Forever and Always" he whispered rubbing his nose against yours. "I Love you" you mattered. "I love you too Y/N" and as Niall was about to kiss you, Louis comes running in holding a sign which says DO NOT DISTURB. "I thought you'll be needing it a lot the nest few days," Louis winked. "LOUIS!!!" Niall yelled. " No need to get angry. Sheesh. I'm going. You two love birds have fun," Louis said as he walked away making kissie gestures with his hands. " Lets go for a swim Niall. " you said completely out of the blue. First he raises an eyebrow but then smiles as whispered in to your ear " Race you there love" as he bolted out to the see!

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