If i lied.......

One day Joey was in her home town, Doncaster and met her new boyfriend, Louis. She had lots of secrets, too many and started to unveal some. Then the story starts! Read if your 18 and up! If younger don't read this contains adult content! Thanks!


1. Why Joey?

I strolled in the park, met up with Louis. "How are you babe?" He winked. " okay, could we go home and you know what comes next?" I grinned romantically. We hopped in his red mini cooper, but once we got home i had a serious discussion with him. " I have something to tell you, im bipolar." He said its okay and he will be there for me and kissed me passionately. Then we cuddled in bed. ( both naked ) I wrapped my legs around his body, he sucked my boobs, He gently rolled a condom on and was in me. " groan, your the best" i manage to say. Afterwards, he goes to rehersals, but before that i tell him one last thing, " i cut myself, i hate myself im ugly" "no your not your gorgegous don't ever say that!" , he pecked me on the cheek and left.
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