Hopes & Dreams

Mellisa Cabot is 11 year old and dreams of meeting One Direction. When they finally come to her hometown there is a radio contest, you have to enter you singing your fave 1D song, will her hopes amd dreams come true? Or will she be crushed forever? (BTW, this is my 1st fanfic, srry if it sucks, and im only 11 so im not as good as the other writers)


2. Sending it off

Mellisa's POV

I finally decided on LWWY, I knew all of the lyrics off by heart by now, I YouTubed LWWY karaoke turned on the video camera, introduced myself, played the song, and sang the best to my ability. When I was done I said thank you, turned it off, and sent it in, nervous. ~im probably gonna lose, so many other better singers~ i thought to myself. It was getting late so I went up and went to sleep.
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