Hopes & Dreams

Mellisa Cabot is 11 year old and dreams of meeting One Direction. When they finally come to her hometown there is a radio contest, you have to enter you singing your fave 1D song, will her hopes amd dreams come true? Or will she be crushed forever? (BTW, this is my 1st fanfic, srry if it sucks, and im only 11 so im not as good as the other writers)


4. Its Time

Liam's POV So we found out where she lived, she lived in a small but cozy house. "ok, we know where she lives, haha we sound like stalkers, anyways how are we gonna tell her she won?" said Louis "We should stand outside her door/window and sing LWWY, she did say its her fave song." they agreed. So we went outside her window and sang LWWY. "Hey girl im waiting on ya, im waiting on ya, come on and let me sneak you out-" I sang Mellisa's POV "Hey girl im waiting on ya, im waiting on ya, come on and let me sneak you out-" was that? It couldnt, but it sounded exactly like- I ran over to my window. OMG!! It was! One Direction was standing in my backyard. This is soooo not happening, it can only be a dream.... "Oh dear lord. someone pinch me." Louis got this devious smile on his face, he ran over to me and pinched my arm "Ow! I didnt mean it literally!" Louis just laughed. I stuck out my tongue. "Sooooo... why exactly are 5 of you standing in my backyard?" "Oh right! You won the contest we decided to come and surprise you!" says Liam "NO EFFIN WAY!!!" All the boys laughed at my reaction. I blushed "So whens the concert?" "This Friday" all 5 said "And would u like 3 tickets and 3 backstage passes with that?" Liam asked. My eyes probably went sooooo wide then, I was blown away "HOLY CRAP YES!!!" I did scream it out this time. The boys laughed again. "Well we gotta go now..." Liam said flatly ":( Can you at least sing Kids In America for me?" the boys eyes went wide this time. "We thought.." Liam said but Niall cut him off "That no-one remembers that" I laughed at this "Well I certainly havent" (A/N: Im listening to it now, thats why I said it) The boys discussed it and they said they'll do it. 

Liam: Looking out of dirty old windows, down below in the city the cars to rushing by, I sit here alone and I wonder why. Niall: Friday night everyones moving, I can feel the beat but its soothing heading down. Niall+Louis: I search for the beat in this dirty town. Zayn+Harry: Downtown the young ones are going, downtown the younger ones are growing. All:We're the kids in america (Woah) We're the kids in America (Whoah) Everybody live for the music-go-..." they got mauled by fans, they had to call Paul  Liam mouthed sorry to me, I just nodded.

Louis POV

We where in the middle of singing We're the kids in america when we got mauled by fans, Liam mouthed sorry, she just nodded, she was probably disappointed, when Paul got there, he let me run over and give her my number so we could talk. "Thanks, heres mine" she grabs my phone,she didnt check anything personal, which is good, and she put her number in mine. "LOUIS! COME HERE NOW!" Paul shouted "Text you when I get to our flat" "Ok bye!" she was so happy then. We got in the van, I checked her number and laughed. "Whats so funny Lou-Lou?" "Mellissa, she labeled herself on my phone, her name is 'Mellissa is a sexy beast'" we all laughed at that. I texted her and told her Im changing her name on my phone.

Mellissa POV

From Lou-Lou: Hey, im changing your name on my phone! Mwhahahaha!

To Lou-Lou: But its true isnt it? 

From Lou-Lou: I guess...

To Lou-Lou: I KNEW IT! Haha, change it to what u like, I gtg tyl (Text you later)

From Lou-Lou: Bye!

Ohh thats why im a directioner! their hilarious and awesome! *Yawn* 'Its getting late, im gonna go to bed' I got into my pjs and listened to one directions Up All Night album while I fell asleep 

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