Hopes & Dreams

Mellisa Cabot is 11 year old and dreams of meeting One Direction. When they finally come to her hometown there is a radio contest, you have to enter you singing your fave 1D song, will her hopes amd dreams come true? Or will she be crushed forever? (BTW, this is my 1st fanfic, srry if it sucks, and im only 11 so im not as good as the other writers)


7. HIM

Its all coming back, the pain, the hurt, the horror.... He couldn't have found me could he? "Mellie? Mel? Earth to Melissa" "oh sorry boo-bear. Its just that I'm ummmmm I'm tired, yea I'm tired. I'm gonna go to bed now. Nite" I walked up to my room and started to sob. He found me, the one I never wanted to see again. 

       -Flashback-I was in the Christmas play and I saw a dark figure in the back. I was so focused on him I fell off the bleachers and hit my nose causing me to go backstage. My teacher came and helped then I heard it. A gun load, people gasp, people shaking on stage, I abandon my teacher and run to the front of the stage and shout "DONT! NONE OF THESE PEOPLE DESERVE TO HAVE THEIR LIVES STRIPPED AWAY FROM THEM!! I'D RATHER YOU TAKE MINE THEIRS!!" The man nodded and shot twice. Once in my stomach and once in mid-thigh. I let out an agonized scream of pain then passed-out from blood loss. I woke up from a coma on Dec.24 4:00 2013. It was a year I was out, I'll never forget that night-End flashback- I  can't believe he's back, I looked put my window only to see darkness, then something moved.

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