Hopes & Dreams

Mellisa Cabot is 11 year old and dreams of meeting One Direction. When they finally come to her hometown there is a radio contest, you have to enter you singing your fave 1D song, will her hopes amd dreams come true? Or will she be crushed forever? (BTW, this is my 1st fanfic, srry if it sucks, and im only 11 so im not as good as the other writers)


6. Embarrassing

Mellissa's POV

OK, so me the boys have been getting closer and since my parents recently went on a business trip I'm staying in the flat the boys share (oh joy) its amazingly fun but noisy at most times. Anyways I'm walking home from school now, singing quietly but when I get in the house I'm belting it out thinking the boys arent home. "Santa baby, leave a sable under the tree, for me! I'm been an awful good girl, Santa baby so hurry down the chimney tonight!" I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a Root Bear and started waiting into it "Santa Baby, a '50 convertible too, light blue. Think of all the fun I've missed, think of all the boys I haven't kissed, next year I can be just as good, if you check off my Christmas list" I had my eyes closed and the next thing ya know I heard clapping and a deep Irish voice saying " Bravo Bravo" it was Niall "uhhh hi niall..." I replied embarrassed "its just you right??" I asked "nope!the rest of the boys hears it too, youtr really good" I started to blush "thanks" "No prob Bob" he replied, In fell down laughing after that one. Just then I got a text. I opened and dropped my phone in horror. "Mellisa, alright?" I didn't reply, I just stood there shocked "How did he find me?" I asked to mid air.


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