If your lucky.

Love may seem like its easy. It sometimes even seems better then anything. But the real truth? you can't find it in books, or movies. you have to go out and find it. Its rough and hurts like hell, but if your lucky, maybe youll find who your supposed to be with. And just maybe, they wont hurt you.


12. Unexpected meeting.

When I got bored of tumblr I looked at the clock on the end table. 11:00. It didnt suprise my that my sister didnt cometo the room, she usually crashes with my parents in the other room. My stomach rumbled as I stood up. I sighed as I realized how hungry I actually was. I decided to change into some yoga pants and a tank top that I had brought with. I hung up the dress in my closet and just looked at it. What happened?  I shook the thought away. I didnt want to think about it. I grabbed a couple of dollars from my bag and my room key and stepped into the dimly lit hallway. I started walking down the hall towards the vending machines. As I came to the end of the hallway I started to hear voices from behind me. I looked behind me and an elderly couple were walking to their room. Isn't that cute? I like elderly couples. I know it sounds weird, but think about it, they probably have been together for a while and they are still going strong. I watched as the old man opened the door for his wife. She smiled sweetly at him and stepped inside. I smiled a little to myself and turned to continue my search for the vending machines. After getting a little lost I had finally managed to find them. I put in my money and pressed D3 for some poptarts. Only, I never got them.  Just as they were about to fall the vending machine just stopped. I sighed and hit the machine with my fist. "Give me my poptarts!" I groaned. "I dont think thats going to work." someone said with a laugh. I looked over at them. It was a man with blackish/brown hair and a cute half smile. "It kinda ate my money." I joked. "No worries hun. Happens all the time." He smiled a whole smile and two dimples popped into view.  He had light blue eyes, and light freckles dotting his face. He walked over to the machine slide in some more money and typed in D3. He turned to me and handed my to packages of poptars. "Here you are love." He smiled. "Um, thanks." I smiled. "I'm Matt." He said holding out his hand.  "I'm spencer." I smiled. "Nice to meet you." "Indeed." He chuckled. "You're an american, aren't you?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm visiting with my family." " Have you seen much of the city?" "Only the parts close to the hotel." I chuckled. He smiles his sexy half smile and ran a hamd through his hair. "Any plans for tomorrow?" "None." I smiled. "How's about a tour? Im staying here for a couple nights and we could go adventuring." He asked. My smile grew as I nodded eagerly. " Yeah that sounds great!" "Cool, so I'll pick you up in the morning? Is ten good?" "Sure. I'm in room 204." I answered. "Until tomorrow then." he smiled slowly walking backwards. "Yeah, Goodnight." I smiled softly. THen he turned and walked down the hall. I bit my lip and turned down the hall. I wanted to scream! He was so gorgeous. When i got back to my room I couldnt stop thinking about him. His mesmerizing blue eyes and his cute dimples. I Sat and watched the T.V. eatting my poptarts. I fell asleep sometime around midnight. I woke up to a loud knock on my door. I dragged myself out of bed and over to the door. sluggishly I looked through the peep hole. Standing on the otherside was a very tired looking eathen. I turned and looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was three in the morning. What was he doing?

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