If your lucky.

Love may seem like its easy. It sometimes even seems better then anything. But the real truth? you can't find it in books, or movies. you have to go out and find it. Its rough and hurts like hell, but if your lucky, maybe youll find who your supposed to be with. And just maybe, they wont hurt you.


9. Shopping and dinner.

I woke up to the annoying sound of an alarm clock. This was spposed to be a vacation! Not a wake up super early like school thing. I hit the snooze button and rolled over wanting to go back to sleep. But suddenly a huge weight crashed on top of me. "Hey!" I yelled as my sister started bouncing on my bed. "Get up! WE ARE IN LONDON! Get off your lazy ass." She squealed. "Trying to sleep?!" I said annoyed. "Or are you to blind to see that." I say throwning a pillow at her. She just laughed and through it right back. "Mom said we were going to go shopping and we couldnt leave untill you were up and ready." She smiled at me. I looked at her and she right back at me. begging me to get out of bed. "Fine. Ill get up." I said giving in. She squealed in excitment and ran off to our parents room. I got out of bed and hopped into the shower. Once i finished and got dressed into some black skinny jeans and a white flowy top I headed out to meet up with my parents in the lobby. On the way to the lobby I heard a door close behinde me. I swivled my head around and saw Eathen on his phone walking the same was as me. I was about to say something when I remembered my plan. I quickly faced foreward and continued walking.
After a full day of shopping and sight seeing I realized we hadent even covered a quarter of it. We Got on a big red bus and I decided to check my phone. Five messages. All from Eathen.
"Hey, I saw you this morning but you didnt answer when i called. you okay?"
"Spenc, whats up. Wanna meet up?"
"Never mind, forgot you had family plans. lol"
"DInner tonight? my treat ;)"
"I'll pick you up at 8."
ugh so much for my plan. even though I really did think I missed him today. But i know i cant get attatched. Or could I? No. Absolutly not. I sighed aloud. We headed back to the hotel and I decided I woulld have fun on this trip. But if I got Attatched to his lusious locks and Bright blue eyes, then hey, my ounbishment is laid out for me. once we go back I sowered and changed into A tight, (but not to tight) red dress that I picked out today. As my parents and sister went to dinner. I sat in my room and waited for Eathen.
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