If your lucky.

Love may seem like its easy. It sometimes even seems better then anything. But the real truth? you can't find it in books, or movies. you have to go out and find it. Its rough and hurts like hell, but if your lucky, maybe youll find who your supposed to be with. And just maybe, they wont hurt you.


7. Roof top

After what went down in the flower room I decided to take him up to the little spot on the roof that i had stumbled upon. I looked at him, watching him take in the view. " how did you find it?" he asked quietly. "I was just looking around and found it." I said. I didn't really want to tell him about the touchy topic my sister brought up. Why did she have to bring that up? I walked up to the ledge and peered over. looking down at the busy street below I couldn't help but shudder. I was surprised I could still come up onto roofs.I closed my eyes and let the sweet cool air rush around me. Breathing in the air, Was like starting over. Okay, so I didn't feel any different but it was like that moment in a movie when the girl finally realizes that she cant live without the guy she thought she needed. I felt at peace. It was calming. Two strong arms wrapped around my waist. " What are you thinking about?" Eathen asked. "How lovely it is up here." I smiled. I looked up at the sky where the tiny stars were twinkling like Eathen's eyes did when I first saw him. "Well the view isn't the most lovely thing up here." He said with a hint of a smile. I blushed softly and looked back at him. Could I really be liking him? and could he really like me to? He's not like the guys in my school. He's cute, and adorable. And yes, even a bit sexy. Especially when he does a cocky smile, and the lights hit him just right. He kissed my cheek softly before moving in front of me. "So on my way to find you, I saw a pool." He said with a cheeky grin. " Did you bring your suit?" he smiles. "Yes I did. Care for a swim?" I say atte4mpting a British accent, which failed. He smiled and chuckled. "Okay then, lets go." He grabs my hand and leads me back to the stairwell. Why did it take me this long to meet this guy?  

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