If your lucky.

Love may seem like its easy. It sometimes even seems better then anything. But the real truth? you can't find it in books, or movies. you have to go out and find it. Its rough and hurts like hell, but if your lucky, maybe youll find who your supposed to be with. And just maybe, they wont hurt you.


10. Cat lady.

Ive been sitting here in my room for about an hour now. Its 9 o'clock. Where is Eathen? Did he forget? maybe i should give him a little more time.. I walk around my little hotel room wondering whats going on. I look at the clock on the wall. its now.. 10:30?!?!? I grab my clutch purse and walk out of the room and head down to the lobby,maybe i was supposed to meet him there. As I walk down the hall I go on twitter to see if anyone had tweeted anything interesting. In the middle of reading a tweet from my friend, Theres the sound of a door closing around the corner and snap my head up and peer around the coner. My heart skips a beat and I smile when I see eathen walking down the hall. I smile until I realized he was walking the wrong way. My smile faultered a little and I watched him walk to the elevators. Hmm.. thats weird, I thought. Guess I was supposed to meet him down there. I walk to the elevator and hit the button. I smile as I get re-pumped for the date. I step in the elevator. It was a nice elevator, the back was glass so you could look down at the pretty lobby. There was a waterfountain that stood in the middle, and you could see the couples smiling at each other and the people in the hotel restrant eatting with their family. I spotted Eathen by the doors and smiled, he looked so cute in his blue dress shirt and black slacks. I watched as he looked around the hotel and i saw a huge grin slide onto his lips. I followed the direction to where he was facing and didnt see anything, at first. Just before the elevator dinged which signaled I was at the lobby, A gorgeous girl, with long blonde hair and a short black dress come through the front doors smiling with blinding white teeth. I stood in the elevator watching him pull her close and holding her tight to him. This is why he ditched me. For her? My heart sinks as I realize it makes since. When I get close to someone. I only get hurt. Im not sure exactly what I do, but each time it still hurts. I wish I knew how to stop getting so attatched to people. But when they telling you sweet thing, its hard not to get attatched. I wipe my as and press my floor number and wait for the door to close. I take one last look back at Eathen. When I looked at his breathtaking smile, more tears popped up into my eyes. His eyes searched over the room and landed on me. His big blue eyes got wide and his smile faded. The blonde looked at him and looked over in my direction and back at him. I took one last glance at eathen and shook my head gently. I turned my eyes away and whiped away the remaining tears. I cant stand being hurt again. Maybe Ill just become a cat lady.

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