Lets just say I'm not the kindest person in the world. And lets also just say that I'm not in the best situation in the world, either. You see, my name is Claire. Im dating this dude- You might know him, Liam Payne. You also see, I was really good friends with these other guys, you know, the other members of One Direction?
But then 3 died including Liam's girlfriend, Dani. And then 1 ran away. And then it was just me and Liam. And then all this other stuff happened. And me and Liam lived happily ever after.
Oh wait, that's not the story.
(read Remember Me? to get the whole story.)


3. Screams and Squeals.


 Oh stupid Claire, you know its him. You dont have to ask. Liam, El, and the whole mall just kind of vanish around me so its just us 2. Harry nods and smiles.

  Smiles? What kind of sicko would smile at a time like this. He looks just the same as he always did, even the ugly torn-up white sneakers. Okay, lets get this straight- I sure as hell miss Harry, but he cant just well...Come back like this. He walks towards me and extends his arms, before I can run or drop on the floor or anything, he hugs me. The kind of hug a big brother would give, where they rest their chin on your head.

 Im not stupid enough to fall for it though, instead I jerk away and slap him. Everything comes back and I realizes Harry is grabbing his cheek in pain, Liam is right beside me, too. Of course Josh and Austin run over, just to see what happened, which makes it worse.

 Lets start with Josh's reaction. 

 He runs over and slides on the floor, skidding to a stop, like in some cartoon. His mouth drops to the floor and his first instinct is to say, "What the hell?"

Next is Austin's.

 He looks like he is ready to punch somebody, and for once I understand why. El is getting lots of male attention, first Josh makes her angry, Harry makes her cry, Liam makes her feel safe. And then there Austin is, the old guy that just stands there. 

 Eleanor is pretty easy.

 She is silently crying and holding Liams hand, while I grab hold to the other. She looks at him as if he isn't real, like she has to poke his face to make sure he isn't some Government robot thing.


 I snatch his free hand and cling on it for dear life, I think me and El might be hurting him cause his face if bright red from holding his breath.

And then there is me.

 I dont know why im doing this, but I carefully stick out my left hand. Harry must not know either because he just looks at it and then back at me. Liam pushes back my hand and I see all 5 of us scoot close together trying to get as far away from Harry as possible. "I guess we should talk..." Harry starts. No kidding.

 We all walk out to the picnic tables at the back of the plaza, the place where homeless people camp out. We sit awkwardly where everybody is across from Harry. I cant help but notice he stares directly at me. Its silent. Everybody sits. I breath. I might as well say something.

 "What the fuck you bastard?!"

I open my mouth to speak, but Liam yelled it first. Harry looks down at his feet and glances at me, Im not helping you, I mentally say. "I know this is crazy for me to come back, and I know you guys hate me for leaving bu-" Harry starts, but Austin finishes, "Im sorry, what the hell is going on?". Well, thats me queue to say something bitchy, here is comes, "Either shut your damn pie whole, or I swear that I will walk right over there and stuff my fist down your throat FOR YOU." I growl. That shuts him right up. But oh wait- Here is El to the rescue.

 "Really, Claire? You have to say a snarky remark at a time like THIS? Can you shut up for ONE MOMENT? And Liam, what? Just gonna stand there like a pussy and say nothing?!" She yells. Now Liam's turn, "Hey! At least my girlfriend is not some 70 year old pedophile!" He shouts. Now Josh, "THANK YOU, LIAM! AT LEAST SOMEBODY UNDERSTANDS!"

 "Wait? Did you say girlfriend?" Harry interrupts. Everybody turns to him and I feel my face grown hot. "Harry, continue on what you had to say..." I try to cover up. "No...What does Liam mean, girlfriend?" He asks. Eleanor looks pretty satisfied and I cant but help feel the same hate that I felt towards her since the day we met.

 "When you left, Harry, everything changed..." I say quietly. "Me and El got along...Liam, Eleanor and I moved into a apartment together...Your family moved away. I started going to university. Liam and I are dating now, too." I speak louder this time, not really afraid to crush his evil, tiny, little, careless, heart. Harry looks at the floor to cover up his emotions, but even I can tell he is hurt.

 "Im sorry you guys. I should have never, ever, done this. But I need help now, I have no home, I have nobody to turn to, my own mother rejected me." He says, looking back up. Anne? "What do you mean, she rejected you? Your her son." Josh says, Josh seems the least hurt by Harry. "I went by the house the other day. She answered the door and wouldnt let me inside. She was angry, she was not happy to see me. Gemma didnt live there anymore, she lives with her boyfriend, Lewis. They didnt want me there, either. Please you guys, when I get the chance I can explain, but now, I need a place to stay." Harry begs.

 Now that Josh is staying in the apartment for a little while, too, I dont know how 5 people are going to fit. Me and Liam could share a bed. El always lets Josh sleep in her room...But still, im not welcoming anybody like him into my home. "We will let you stay. But let me tell you right now, your not staying for anymore then..." Liam starts, but he has to think about how long he will let Harry stay.

 "2 weeks. Thats all I will need. Then I'll leave." Harry shouts out. 2 WEEKS?! Thats like, a half of a month! "NO!" I randomly scream, I meant to say it in my head, but saying it out loud is actually fine too. Harry looks to me and smiles for a second. "Only 2 weeks." Liam says grimly. Eleanor sighs,"Well, he better be sleeping on the couch, because I am getting my own bed."

 "Then where will I sleep?" Josh interrupts. "Okay you guys, SHUT UP. Eleanor, your getting your own bed, okay? Liam, you can share a bed with me. Josh, you'll get Liam's room. Harry...We have a sleeping bag in the storage closet." I yell, everybody seems satisfied but Harry. And Austin. "Listen folks, I know your lives are very busy at a time like this, but you have to remember, El can always stay with me." Austin interrupts, again. That sounds good, that way everybody gets a bed, but I really dont want Eleanor with some creep for the next however long. "Thanks for the offer...But El can stay with us." Liam says polity.

 "WAIT! AUSTIN CAN STAY WITH US, TOO! Dont worry guys! He will stay with me in my room!" Eleanor yells like its the best idea in the world. Everybody doesn't dare to disagree, so we dont say anything. "Lets go home...All of us." Josh finally says, we all walk to the car and I cant help but notice that Liam and El dont even care that Harry's back. But I wont be like that- He isn't getting off easy, even if he is acting all innocent. Personally, if it was my choice, he would be paying for what he did and living on the streets. Well- If it was my choice, lots of people would be, but I'm not in charge.

 Harry walks up to me, "Listen, Claire..." He starts. "Sorry, cant talk. Im busy." I say, and quickly catch up to the others. I guess I should take a moment to think about this... Harry's back.

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