Lets just say I'm not the kindest person in the world. And lets also just say that I'm not in the best situation in the world, either. You see, my name is Claire. Im dating this dude- You might know him, Liam Payne. You also see, I was really good friends with these other guys, you know, the other members of One Direction?
But then 3 died including Liam's girlfriend, Dani. And then 1 ran away. And then it was just me and Liam. And then all this other stuff happened. And me and Liam lived happily ever after.
Oh wait, that's not the story.
(read Remember Me? to get the whole story.)


4. Midnigt Drinks.

"He is not welcome here, Liam! And he will not be. Ever!" I hiss at Liam. How could Li be so stupid about this easy question. Harry. Is. Not. Welcome. You dont have to put any thought to it!

 "Cliare, I know this is hard for you, but its Harry- He is back. Over the past so many months we have been mourning over the loss of the guys, and now one comes back and you dont accept him?!" Its late, and me and Liam are in the dark whisper arguing to eachother about this dumb, easy, question. "I said, NO." I argue, Harry is being kicked out tomorrow. I promise you- He will not stay here for 2 weeks, thats waaaay too long.

 I turn my back to Liam and try to fall asleep. But its not easy when you know that 2 un-welcomed people are in your house. Sleeping in your beds...Well, not MY bed, but Liam and Eleanor's are totally being taken. Not my mattress, not my problem-o. Right? "Listen Claire, im sorry to try to force this onto you. You dont have to forgive Harry, I think I'm just more open to it because, well, I have really missed him." Liam says as he wraps his arms around me. Of course I couldnt stay angry at Liam, he is too loveable, but that isnt the same case for Harry.

 I lay in bed with Liam until finally I hear his soft snores signaling that he is asleep. I rip the blanket off myself and tip-toe into the kitchen. "Food, food, food, oh so much foooooood. What shall I eat, what about youuuuu?" I sing quietly as I dig through the fridge and pull out a slice of left over pizza. I personally am not picky about hot or cold pizza, and if I gotta eat, than I'll eat. "So, you often sing to yourself?" I hear behind me, I whip around and almost drop de pizza!

 "Austin...You scared me. Why are you awake at this hour?" I ask him, he is fully dressed and looks like he might have been up for awhile. "I just wanted to get some water." He says calmly. "And when did I not get the memo that people had to wear their shoes while getting water?" I ask him, my eyes level to his. Well, actually, Im a bit shorter than him, but hey- Height is just a number, right?

 "I'm actually quiet embarrassed of my feet, I prefer shoes over the bare skin." He smiles with just his lips, a thin, straight, line that seems to have no curve to it. I slowly tap my nails on the counter, impatiently. "Well? Get your water." I growl at him. "Do you have to stand here?" He asks.



 "I dont trust you."

 "Why not? Liam and El trust me. Josh trusts me. Now tell me Claire, why not you?"

 "Sorry I'm not too fond of old creeps that date girls 17 years younger than themselves."

 "Good answer. Dont worry, Claire, you'll eventually learn that I can be just as trustworthy as the others."

 "Harry is not trustworthy. And you aren't either. Get used to it, Austin."

 Austin just chuckles lightly and pours himself a glass of water, sipping it gently as he stares at me dead on from across the kitchen. "Well, nice talking to you. Have a good night Claire. Sleep well." Austin says as he vanishes into the hallway, walking into El's room and shutting the door behind him.

 And that, people, is why I don't trust many people.

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