Lets just say I'm not the kindest person in the world. And lets also just say that I'm not in the best situation in the world, either. You see, my name is Claire. Im dating this dude- You might know him, Liam Payne. You also see, I was really good friends with these other guys, you know, the other members of One Direction?
But then 3 died including Liam's girlfriend, Dani. And then 1 ran away. And then it was just me and Liam. And then all this other stuff happened. And me and Liam lived happily ever after.
Oh wait, that's not the story.
(read Remember Me? to get the whole story.)


2. Long Time.

Hey, I'm Claire.

 You might be like, 'Good for you...' But then that's where I'd stop you. No- Its not good for me. I would do anything to trade places with anybody, and I get that feeling a lot. And this is defiantly one of those times, right now, when I stand at the tip of the building. The highest building in range, the one that has such pretty views if you stand at the top. This very pretty view may be my last.

 My name is Claire Willow Wallz, I am 23 years old. I was born in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire, across the street from the boy with the curly brown hair and bright green eyes. I have a brother, too. And parents. And let me add a very annoying family. But before I get to the part where I jump off this building, I want to think about the time 4 years ago, the time that changed my life.


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