Lets just say I'm not the kindest person in the world. And lets also just say that I'm not in the best situation in the world, either. You see, my name is Claire. Im dating this dude- You might know him, Liam Payne. You also see, I was really good friends with these other guys, you know, the other members of One Direction?
But then 3 died including Liam's girlfriend, Dani. And then 1 ran away. And then it was just me and Liam. And then all this other stuff happened. And me and Liam lived happily ever after.
Oh wait, that's not the story.
(read Remember Me? to get the whole story.)


5. Harry's Story.

 Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/chao_remembered/set?id=65330483

"Alright Claire, wake upppp!" I hear Josh yell into my ear as I flutter my eyes open.

 "How long have you been awake?" I ask Josh, I turn my head around the room and see that Liam is in here too, fully dressed and that he has made the bed around me. I burrow my head into the multi-coloured, red, pink, blue, and purple duvet cover. "About a hour or so, everybody is awake and Eleanor made pancakes." Josh 'informs' me. I jump out of bed and rush into the kitchen, being grabbed by somebody before I can slide across the floor for my dramatic entrance. "Aw, you ruined my dramatic entrance!" I complain as I look up to see that Harry is the one holding my arm back. "Sorry to be such a kill joy, but you should get dressed." He tells me, well, not much of a 'tells' but more of a 'orders.'

 "Who the hell made you the boss?" I harshly remove my arm from his grasp and rub it gently. "Nobody, but unless you want to be in your PJ's when I take everybody out to breakfast to, explain things, I would get ready if I were you." he tells me with a grin. "So you can afford to buy all 6 of us breakfast, but you cannot go find some hotel or something to stay at?" I tease him, Harry rolls his eyes as I grab 2 pancakes from Eleanor's rising stack. "I think we should go." Austin says as he sips tea. I look up at him and roll my eyes, "Anything you wish oh great one." I say and I stuff a whole pancake into my mouth. "No Claire, I think we all want to know what happened. Even if some of us are not admitting it." Liam says, squinting his eyes at me when he says 'some people.' "Fine...Give me a half an hour and we can go." tell everybody, I put the other pancake into my mouth and walk to the shower.

 "My names Harry, my names Austin, we can come barge into other peoples business because we are annoyingggg." I mimic as I wash out my hair. I hum to myself as I finish washing my body and finally turn off the shower head, wrapping a pink furry towel around my body like some kind of weird tube dress type thing. I put on my LA sweatshirt along with cuffed skinny jeans and black corduroy high-tops. I straighten my hair and then re-curl it so that the curls are large. I look at my out fit in the mirror. I grab a pink scarf off of my desk and wrap it around my neck. Pink goes in every single one of my outfits.

 "Alright, hold your asses, im ready." I announce as I walk back into the kitchen, everybody is ready to walk out the door with their scarfs and jackets as I enter. "Okay everybody, lets go!" Harry claps his hands and says. We follow him outside as we all cram into Jeepster. This car only holds 5 people, so El sits on Austins lap in the back, while luckily I am driving in the front seat, as far away from them as possible. Liam is resting his head on the window, looking outside in his own little world and Josh and Harry sit in back.

 The car sits in silence as you can only hear a quite annoying ticking of some fancy meter thing attached to the engine, not my problem, Liam will fix it eventually. "Lets listen to some music!" Austin says, leaning forward to the front seat and turning on a station. Well, low and behold, here comes the most horrid song I have heard in a while, I cant even believe why its still so popular.

First, as always, Liam sang.

Your insecure, dont know what for, your turning heads walk through the doo-or-or.

 Dont need make up, to cover up. Being the way that you are is enou-ogh-ogh.

 Then there was Harry's solo.

 Everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but, you-ou!

 And then thats where the tears come. When everybody starts singing.

 Baby you light up my world like nobody else! The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, the way you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell, you dont know, uh oh, you dont know your-

 And that's when I turn off the radio. I always remember back when me and Harry were best friends, he always commented on me to stop staring at the ground, or to be less nervous all the time, to be proud. That was the Claire he knew back in the beginning, the one he knew before he left to the XFactor. But hey- As you guys already know, I'm different, I am proud of myself, (Maybe not look wise, I can never really change that) but I for one will never look at the ground ever again, unless its at the person I pushed to it...

  The last thing Harry could ever owe credit to me is WMYB, that song is for the 10-13 year old girls that go crazy over them. But the lyrics, as Boy-Bandish as they are, have more meaning to them- Or at least thats how I see it.

 "Um...Take a left here." Harry says, I follow his instructions as we all pull into a little shop parking lot. The store has baby blue paint that is peeling off coating the walls, leaving a white and brown trim for the windows and doors. The sidewalk is cracked several times, but I try to step on every single crack. Lets just say I dont mind breaking my mothers back. We walk inside the restaurant, and I get overwhelmed by the smell of Japanese food.

  "Mhmmmmm, Japanese!" Josh pats his stomach while Eleanor squeals. Liam nods in a approving matter  and Austin just smiles. I for one, am less happy about being here. "Ah, hello again, Mr. Styles" a lady says as she leads us to a booth. We are handed menus with fancy gold lettering. I set the menu on the table and push it away. "Whats wrong, now?" Austin sighs. I send him a death glare, "for your information, I'm not going to eat." Austin scoffs at me and looks back at his menu. "Why are you not eating?" Harry asks. "Because Chinese food is not something normal people eat for breakfast. Your not the exception" I say. Harry shakes his head and says, "Its Japanese food, actually, and if you order off the 'breakfast section' then you'll find food that normal people eat is on there. But I guess your not the exception, either."

  "Hey! Everybody calm down" Liam shouts. We all do. "May I take your orders?" The lady asks as she hods a notepad. Liam orders me some kind of pancake type things, and the rest of us order. When she leaves, our attitudes do too. Except mine, of course. "So, why the hell did we come here if we are not going to here where you have been?" I ask. Harry nods, and explains. It starts out like this:


 The morning Harry left was actually the day that One Direction got formed. He was home alone because Gemma and Anne were out shopping. Harry had money saved up for a rainy day stashed away, so it came to him the idea that he needed to get away. Get away from Europe, that is.

  He took the first plain to Richmond, Virgina. He then took a bus to a small town called 'Hallwood' where he could remain unnoticed. When he got to Hallwood, he was broke. He had no money to rent a hotel or anything, so he decided it would be the best idea to look for somebody willing to share a house with him for a few days. While looking around one day, he bumped into a mom of 6 children all under the age of 10. The youngest girl had dropped her toy mocking bird and it broke into 2, so she began to cry. The toy had sand a one-lined tune, 'Up up high, where I will fly, the birds and the bees with sing with me'. The 5 others and the mom ignored her and tried to keep walking, but she kept weeping. Harry bent down and sang the same song to her, and she stopped crying.

 The mom was grateful and asked how he was so good with kids. He shrugged his shoulders and told her (ever so humbly) that he had never been around any kids and it was nothing. She asked him where he was heading and he told her he had to home to head to. The mom offered him a stay at her house for 2 nights, but then he would have to be on his way.

  Harry's first night was tricky, he had to sleep in the storage closet/guest room. It had a air-mattress, a wobbly dresser, and a small table. He didnt go to bed till 12:00 because he helped 3 of the boys, Randy-7, Joshua-9, and Danny-8, clean their room and broke up a disagreement between the 2 twin girls, Aubry and Audry who are both 6. He then made his own dinner and insisted on cleaning up after everybody. He tucked in the little girl, Madeline,  to bed, and she asked him to sing the song again. He repeated it and repeated it till she was asleep. By that time he was exhausted and wanted to sleep, but the oldest boy, Joshua, needed to go to the bathroom and was scared of the dark. Harry lead Joshua to the bathroom and back to his bed, and finally got rest.

  The next day the kids all went to school, and the mom asked Harry if he would bother helping clean the house. She offered his 10$ per hour, but Harry didn't understand American money, so she had to explain it for the first hour. The mom left for work and Harry worked on the house all day. By the end of it, he had earned about 80$. He cleaned the bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, playroom, the wash room, the front yard, the backyard, and then he wipen down the windows and dusted.

 By the end of the day, Harry realized that earning 90$ a day would be the best for him before he got a official job. That night, after Harry had tucked in the kids and cleaned up dinner, he asked the mom, Sharon, about the idea of him cleaning everyday and helping out with the kids in order of her letting him stay and paying him. The mom agreed.

(5 months later)

  Harry had lived with the Anderson family for awhile now, helping out and getting apid. He has been updated to a bigger room about 3 months into his stay, and the kids had grown on him as if he was their older brother. In those months Harry never once was recognized as Harry Styles, and if people asked his name he would say is was Harry Edwards.

 One day, Harry had saved up enough money for a plane ride back to England. He had spent the time he needed to forget about all the horrible events, and he was ready to come back again. He had planned out what he would to and say and act like- He would do whatever came to mind, he would say whatever he needed to say, and he would act like the old Harry.  After one last day of playing with the boys, dancing with the girls, and singing with Madeline, he grabbed his only bag and left without a word in the night. He left a thank-you letter to the family, along with all the money he wouldn't need. He couldn't use American money in England, and he still had a lot of money from whatever he had to spend on the plane ticket.



  "And that's the story."

 We all looked at eachother, shocked. I imagined some dramatic story, some happy ending, something...Different. I guess that fit the explanation of where he went, though. We are silent the rest of the time we eat. We are silent the car ride home. We are silent as we wak inside and head to our own rooms.

 All I can think about though, is how good Harry is at leaving people and breaking their hearts.








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