Anneliese Marie was diagnosed with ventricular septal defect(hole in her heart) at birth. Her life, for the past twenty years, has been fragile and hectic. Nothing ever certain, nothing ever concrete. Nothing ever secure. She lives with her sister, Felicity in a moderate London flat since her parents death four years prior at the age of sixteen. But she mostly finds herself in hospitals rather than home. One day, after being rolled into a recovery room after yet another surgery, Anne finds herself next to Liam Payne-a boy in the popular band One Direction. She also finds herself falling in love with him. But with her situation, could anything lasting and worthwhile ensue between the two?


3. Revelations

“Wake up.” A soft voice cut through the fog of sleep around me. 

I groan and push my face further into my pillow. “Come on, wake up. It’s getting late and I’m bored.”

Snap! My brain cleared in a rush leaving a dull ache behind.

It was Liam who was talking.

Liam Payne, from One Direction, who I had “plans” with today.

Opening one eye I see that Liam was leaning over my bed- still smiling of course- and holding a tray.

“Alright,” I sigh loudly and attempt to position myself in a comfortable sitting position. “What have you got there?” I question as he places the tray on the roll-away table.

The tray was filled with lots of tiny bowls filled with colorful items. He laughed and carefully climbed over my leg to sit cross legged on the bed in front of me. “Well, this is all the Jell-O I could scrounge up for our little date.”

I giggled and sat up a little straighter so the pillow behind me fell into a more supportive position. “Are those all the flavors they had?”

He nodded bashfully. “I didn’t know your favorite flavor so I just asked for them all. I couldn’t have you call off the date on a technicality now could I?”

I rolled my eyes. “Like you gave me a choice in having it in the first place.” He ducks his head, but not before I catch a small blush appear on his cheeks. I stare at him in awe. “Did I just make the Liam Payne blush? Well, now I can die a happy woman.”

He chuckles, his cheeks reddening even further. I pick up a red Jell-O cup, hoping for strawberry and not the nasty cherry flavor. Tentatively I placed a tiny amount on my tongue, smiling when it didn’t taste like cherry.

“Strawberry is my favorite.” I say to Liam who had picked up what appeared like grape.

“That’s good to know, for future reference and all.” I smile shyly.

This is considerably different from all my other recoveries. I used to just mope about and dream about how my life could have been if I was normal.

“So, what exactly brought you into the hospital Liam?” I inquire softly as I move on to my second cup of Jell-O.

His smile drops, the dimples he had disappearing. “Long story short, I was at a party and drank one too many beers for my kidney’s liking. So I had to come here to get everything leveled out and secure.” I nodded my head, not really knowing what to say. I mean, what can you really say to that?

“What are you in the hospital for? I heard a doctor say something about heart surgery?” Liam continued, his voice concerned. I sighed, my fingers subconsciously rubbing the jagged scar running down my chest.

“Mild heart surgery is what they call it. I don’t really know what’s mild about opening my chest, but you know I don’t understand half of the medical jargon they use anyway.” His eyes held questions, but mostly concern. But not one ounce of pity. Everyone, even my doctor looks at me with pity. I continue, thinking I might as well explain the whole situation.

“I was diagnosed with a minor ventricular septal defect, which is just a fancy term for a hole in my heart.” Liam’s eyebrows shoot up as his jaw hangs open. I ignore him and focus on the half eaten raspberry Jell-O in my hand. 

“They found it when I was a little kid, three I think. It was exceptionally tiny at the time, not a huge danger yet. My parents flipped out and did everything but put me in a bubble- which my mother did actually consider for a while.” I giggle at the memory of my mother watching “The Bubble Boy” and immediately stopping that train of thought.

“As I grew so did the hole and my social life dwindled down to a nonexistent blip. I think I’ve gone through close to twenty surgeries in my entire life.” The tears began to build up in my eyes, one escaping and cascading down my cheek.

Before I could wipe it away though, Liam brushed it away with the pad of his thumb. His own dark blue eyes were glimmering with unshed tears. “Don’t cry,” He whispered. “You’re still here, you’re alive. That’s not something to cry about.”

His hand slides off my cheek. No, don’t do that. I liked your hand there.

I force a smile, taking a bite of the Jell-O in my hand, but I had lost my appetite. “I know. It’s just sometimes hard to think of all I’ve been through.” He nods and holds my hand, squeezing tightly.

We change the subject to lighter things; favorite color, food, type of music, that sort of thing until a nurse came in and shooed Liam off my bed, taking my vitals and ordering me to get my rest.

“We’ll talk later, I promise. You just get some rest.” Liam helped me get situated into a comfortable position, even tucking me in, before squeezing my hand once more and walking back over to his side of the room.

This is bad. I’m getting too involved, too invested. It was dangerous. But before my eyes shut, I glanced over at him as he messed with his computer, and smiled. I just don’t think I can help it.

I was falling for Liam Payne, and it was right off a cliff.


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