Anneliese Marie was diagnosed with ventricular septal defect(hole in her heart) at birth. Her life, for the past twenty years, has been fragile and hectic. Nothing ever certain, nothing ever concrete. Nothing ever secure. She lives with her sister, Felicity in a moderate London flat since her parents death four years prior at the age of sixteen. But she mostly finds herself in hospitals rather than home. One day, after being rolled into a recovery room after yet another surgery, Anne finds herself next to Liam Payne-a boy in the popular band One Direction. She also finds herself falling in love with him. But with her situation, could anything lasting and worthwhile ensue between the two?


4. I Can't Stay

Chapter 4 babes :) Hope you enjoy!


The three days that followed were both tremendous and heart breaking. No, worse than heart breaking. I've felt my heart break before, and those days with Liam were horrendously worse. Soul crushing was more the phrase needed.

The first day, I had a slight relapse and couldn't move around too much. The doc said it was a good sign. Don’t know how incredible pain could be a good sign, but that’s why I’m the patient not the doctor.

But I have to say that day one was my favorite. All day Liam just sat with me and we talked and bonded. I told him about living with my sister Felicity, and that I had ever since my parents died in a car crash four years ago when I was sixteen. It wasn’t too much of an emotional day; he held my hand, and fixed my pillow and showed me the cutest little YouTube videos. 

I got the chance millions of girls in the world would kill for… I got to know the real Liam Payne.

The second day I had to get up and walk around the hospital floor, but mostly I just tried to keep up with Liam’s wheelchair races.

All the nurses loved him. They practically doted on him with anything and everything. Extra blankets at night, ice cream-the good kind not the crappy stuff they usually carry- they even brought in popcorn and sweets for the movie we watched on the third day.

We watched 50 First Dates, you know the one with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore and she has that short term memory problem. I love that movie.

Liam sat there with me, one arm wrapped around my shoulder as I awed and cried and sang along through it all, pretending not to notice the way I would find myself staring at his hand rather than the movie.

The morning of the fourth day-the day Liam was released from the hospital I faked sleep, trying to avoid the impending goodbye. But I’m truly not a good actress.

Liam sat down beside me, petting back the hair from my face. “Annie, I know you’re not asleep. Say goodbye to me.” His voice was low, deep and comforting, making my eyes sting with awaiting tears.

He had taken to calling me Annie, it squeezed my heart every time he said it. I open my eyes to see him leaning over me, his own eyes tinged with sadness. He was still wearing that smile though, eliciting a gloomy grin of my own. 

“There’s my girl,” I hear him whisper as he situates my pillow to make me sit up and face him.

I sit there, staring at the perfect gentleman I had grown to love the past three days.

It was stupid, incredibly stupid, to fall for this unreachable star so fast, so helplessly. But my heart’s independent, choosing to control the one thing it can and making me fall in love too quickly.

Suddenly a rush of emotion flooded through me, tears bursting out onto my cheeks, and I lunged into his chest, hugging him tightly around the waist.

He chuckles embracing me within his arms. “Don’t cry, Annie. It’s not really goodbye. I promise.” He starts to rock me, rubbing gentle circles into my back to calm me. “Shh, come on I’m not allowing anymore tears.”

A small laugh bubbles out of me and I let go, sitting up straight to look him back in the eye. He swipes away the remaining tears, holding my face in his hands.

“This is not the end. We will see each other again, I swear Annie. No, look at me.” I had closed my eyes, unable to stop fresh tears from falling.

“You have my number?” I nod tightly. “And I have yours. It’ll be like I never left.”

“You swear?” I whisper pouting my lips in an attempt to look cute.

With puffy eyes and a nose as red as Rudolph’s? Cute is a-whole-nother side of the spectrum than I’m currently on.

But Liam chuckled anyway, leaning in to touch his forehead with mine. “So freaking adorable,” he murmured his breath fanning out against my face.

There was a knock at the door, an older man stepped in signaling that it was time for Liam to go.Time to take the only working piece of my heart away from me.

He sighed and pressed a lingering kiss to my head. “No more crying Annie, I’ll see you soon.”

With that he walks out of the hospital room, leaving me alone. 

I'd be lying if I told you I didn't cry anymore. 


It's so short, I know but... I finally updated!! :D Yay! I'm not nearly done with real life problems though, so this will be the only chapter I will be able to upload until the middle of November. If only Santa could grant my wish to only live in my little dream world/bubble, cause quite frankly the real world sucks :/ 

ANYWHO... Babes!!!! I almost have 300 views!!! Are you for-serious?! That's amazing! Thank you all so much for reading! Please tell me what you think, or what made you want to read this story, and maybe you could tell me what made you keep reading? I love you all so much!

Love, AmberlynotKimberly

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