Because you live (a one direction fanfic)

On the run from her abusive father, Lilianna thought the only thing she had left to care about was protecting her little sister Bonnie. Little does she know, she's dead wrong.


4. Your fault

The memory foam from the pillow really made my neck feel better. I touched the side of my neck, remembering all the trauma my "dad" put me through after mom died. It was when I was about 12. A few months had passed since mom died on us and dad started drinking, I don't mean just a few drinks, I mean around 12 a day. Soon enough he started beating Marcus and did things to me that I try, everyday of my life, to forget. I closed my eyes, trying not to think about it. Relax, I repeated in my head, until I eventually drifted off to sleep. I can honestly say, the dream I had was one of the most oddest, most unusual dreams I've ever had, and I loved every minute of it. I was walking, well more like trudging, in the rain crying for some reason I don't know and when I looked up I saw a tall figure in a peacoat walking towards me. And something set off in me, almost like a bomb that made my heart beat ten times faster. I felt an instinct that somehow pushed me into running to him and jumping into his arms clutching to him as much as I could and I could again feel tears roll down my face. The feeling of his arms around me felt so familiar, so natural. I seriously wanted to attack my alarm clock with an axe for waking me up from that strange amazing dream. I groaned and rubbed my eyes. Why did I even set an alarm in the first place? Neither me or Bonnie had anywhere to be. And with that, I unplugged the alarm clock and tried my best to return to that dream. Unfortunately I didn't get to go back to that dream, I don't even recall what I dreamt. I somehow managed to drag myself to the kitchen and made (or at least attempted to) eggs. But when I was done cooking them, the barely looked edible. I cringed and walked over to the nightstand to pick up the hotel phone to order room service and ordered waffles, hm sounds promising. And I ordered French toast for Bonnie (whenever she wakes up anyway). After 15 minutes of waiting for her to wake up, I grew impatient. I walked over to her room and found a post it note on her bed and could recognize her sloppy font from a mile away. I walked towards it and it read, " Hey Lilly, I wanted to really go explore London, and you know the really nice bellboy jack? He said he would show me the sights for free! Do ya believe that? Anyways I hope you get good rest and save some breakfast for me! -B " I chuckled as I read it. I know what you're thinking, 'she's going with someone she just met!' Well, you're wrong. Jack is Emily's cousin. I'm really good friends with him and he's one of the reasons I agreed to come to London. In around 6 months when all the money runs out, I'm gonna need someone to look after Bonnie when I get a job and start working. But that's a while from now. Hmm what to do... I thought to myself walking around the room and soon getting really bored. But then I got a great idea. I'll just go check out the cafe jack recommended and have the room service breakfast for lunch. Oh breakfast for lunch, that's normal I thought smirking.

Harry's pov (point of view)
"Oh cheer up, mate." Niall said pleasantly, trying to get me in a better mood. "But Sydney..." I started but Niall cut me off " isn't worth your time and to be honest haz, if you want to hear the truth, none of us liked her anyways. She was rude, loud and too full of herself." Niall said bluntly. "Yeah I gotta go with nialler on this one. She was pretty obnoxious." liam pointed out. i sighed "but-" again I got cut off but by Louis this time. " no buts about it hazza. Her cheating on you just proves that she's not worth it." Then zayn cut in with " yeah, and if she was worth it or even cared for that matter, she would be calling and at least apologizing not partying and getting drunk." He had a point there and the boys nodded in agreement with him. " I gotta admit it lads, you do have a point there." I said. " of course we do" Louis said sassily. " come on mate, I'll take you home." Liam said kindly. " no thanks I can drive myself." I said. By then, the 4 of them got called in but Liam stayed. I knew he wasn't gonna give up that easily. " Haz, you've had one too many shots, you're not safe to drive." He said sternly. Daddy direction at his finest I thought to myself. " Liam, I swear I'm fine." I said seriously. Liam hesitated then sighed. "Ok but BE CAREFUL" he said. " yes dad." I replied chuckling. I was driving home much better than I expected, I was kinda proud of myself. But then i got a text that broke me. " screw u I dnt need u anyways." It was from Sydney. I knew she was drunk but it still hurt. I took a swig out of the bottle I left in the car. Then two. Then three. Soon enough I felt light-headed and my driving was WAY off. I was swerving, running red lights, etc. but then came the moment my life changed forever. I saw lilly, her green eyes widening with panic and fear as our cars collided.
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