Because you live (a one direction fanfic)

On the run from her abusive father, Lilianna thought the only thing she had left to care about was protecting her little sister Bonnie. Little does she know, she's dead wrong.


7. This is why we shouldn't get bored

I woke up to the quiet mumbles of a confused nurse. "Um is everything alright sir?" She asked. I realized it wasn't the overly perky red headed one, well so at least that's a plus. " huh? W-what's wrong?" Harry asked, half asleep. "Why aren't you sleeping in your bed?" She asked. "Oh that's because lill-" he stopped mid-sentence noticing my glare towards him. "Um I was just getting tired of that cushy thing haha" oh god he really can't act, how on earth did he end up on icarly, I'll never know. "Well okay, but what would you like for breakfast mister styles?" She asked . Oh he's really gonna eat that 'mister styles' up, I thought smirking. He gave me an confused look which was mirrored by the nurse, except hers was directed towards him. "Oh um just waffles." He asked. Just.waffles. " are you kidding me styles? I'm starving and I didn't even know ghosts got hungry." I whined. " um make that two, I'm really hungry." He asked, failing at acting again. "sure thing." She said kindly, and walked out of the room still barely knowing what the heck was going on. I chuckled. "What's so funny?" He fake pouted. "Nothing" I said still laughing trying to brush it off. I got up and stretched and could practically feel his eyes on me. " so ghosts get hungry huh?" He asked, looking away from me. " I guess so." I said, looking around the room. "Watcha looking for?" He asked cheerfully. " I'm bored" I sighed " and looking for something to do." I finished. " oh I know what we can do." He said grinning.

"ARE YOU NUTS?" I asked "we'll I prefer the term mentally unstable." He said laughing like a retard. He somehow got the window open and was sitting on the edge, one lean and he would be as good as gone. " oh stop being such a wuss, sit with me." He said. I glared at him, " I'm not a wuss." I said starting to think I probably am a wuss. I walked towards the window and pretending to push him off, scaring the living day lights out of him. " who's the wuss now?" I asked trying to rub it in as much as I could. "Nope, still you." He replied laughing. I finally got the guts to sit on the windowsill. " about time" he said smirking. Oh god he really needs to stop that smirking thing, ASAP. "Shut up." I said nudging him. He nudged me back and nearly pushed me off. " watch it there styles!" I said gripping onto the window. "Oh fine, come here." He said grabbing me and moving me closer to him and somehow moving my head onto his shoulder. And as the idiot fangirl I was I admit I COULD NOT breathe for a Good minute and giggled like i need professional help. "What's so funny" he asked smiling, a smile that Bonnie would make a gif of. "Nothing." I shook my head while it was still on his shoulder. We ended up sitting there and talking about random things that, if someone were to overhear our conversation, they would probably take us to a therapist. We eventually got down, knowing that if that nurse came in and saw Harry just casually sitting there on the windowsill, she'd lose her marbles. When she did come in, me and him were still talking about random crap (well only his half of it) so, she carefully set the waffles down and backed out of the room slowly which had me and Harry laughing our heads off.

"Can you not?" He asked, referring to me stealing most of his food. I shrugged and took another bite. He slapped my hand "no. Bad girl." He said laughing. I laughed back, which is hard to do,when youre out of breath considering he kept his hand on mine for a good five minutes. But after we ate we soon got bored again so we somehow ended up in an intense game of arm wrestling. And of course, he was winning. He kept pushing him arm harder every time he saw me struggle and it was getting VERY irritating. After long enough of us both pushing, he gave his arm a quick thrust that left my arm flailing. "CHEATER!" I yelled. "How do you cheat at arm wrestling?" He retorted. "Touché" I said back. "Oh don't be such a sore loser and come here." He said holding out his arms sarcastically. His eyes filled with surprise and confusion as I tackled him to the ground. "Really??" He asked trying but failing not to laugh. Soon enough we were both laughing until our eyes watered up a little. That is, until he took me by surprise and flipped himself over so he was on top of me instead of me on top of him. His eyes widened in surprise , surprise in himself. You could imagine that in my mind, I was freaking the hell out. "I," I started but he finished. "I'm sorry I-" "no it's okay I just..." He leaned down so that our faces were inches apart. "Um, mister styles??" A nurse asked. "I'm sorry for interrupting but-" "no no youre not interrupting anything I just dropped a contact that's all." He said reaching around the ground. "Oh, alright well, I just came to bring you your dinner." She said, setting the food down and again backing out of the room. We both laughed until our stomachs hurt. "Let's just pretend this never happened." I said. "Deal" he said a little too eagerly.

The rest of the night was again spent talking about random things and arm wrestling. When we got bored with that, We were both on the bed watching dumb reruns of sitcoms, and we ended up falling asleep on that bed, with his arm around my shoulder.
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