Because you live (a one direction fanfic)

On the run from her abusive father, Lilianna thought the only thing she had left to care about was protecting her little sister Bonnie. Little does she know, she's dead wrong.


2. Teach me

"So this is it, huh?" Bonnie mumbled under her breath as I drove,straining my eyes to see through the foggy rain. "What?" I asked distractedly. " we're just... Gonna live on our own?" She asked. " yeah Bonnie that's what it looks like, I replied. " so, where are we going?" She asked, her tone slowly going back to its usual perkiness. " hmm, well, where do you wanna live?" I asked back. " LONDON!!" She eagerly responded. " ummm no." I said back. "You asked." She shot back. " you got me there bon." I said laughing.

"For the last time Bonnie, no." I said trying to sound like a parent. "But PLEASE Lilly?" She whined. " ok, ok, I give up. You can get it." I said as she threw her arms up in victory as we were 'attempting' to buy groceries. " so who are they, anyway?" I said pointing at the magazine I caved into getting her. " One Direction, duh!" She said matter-of-factly. "Ohh yeah, Emily loves them." I said, remembering Emily, the only friend I have. She would always call herself mrs.payne or mommy direction (you could guess that she had a favorite). It was really cute though, her love for them growing for them everyday. I'd always wondered what it was like, to love someone that much. " but remember this." Bonnie said, snapping me back into reality. " zayn. Malik. Will. Be. Mine." I laughed and threw my hands up sarcastically. " you have my blessing" I said chuckling.

Bonnie studied my face practically the entire time we were getting things and it was getting a tad creepy. " ok what gives?" I asked curiously. " I just....really think you and Harry would make a really cute couple, that's all." She said. " aw, thanks Bon." I replied. But inside, I knew the only reason she said that is because she's my sister. Because in my eyes, I'm as ugly as ugly gets.

" can I teach you?" Bonnie said in her perky tone. "Teach me what? I asked back. " about 1D." She replied. " sure, why not?" I asked.

After many video diaries and drooling over music videos, Bonnie observed where she was. " where are we going?" She asked. I chuckled, knowing that would make her more curious. " Lilly, where.are.we.going?" She asked in a more serious tone. "Just a little early birthday present." I retorted. "But this is the ramp that leads to the airport." She said. " mhm" I agreed. " so that means..." "Yes Bonnie. We're getting a fresh start. We're moving to London."
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