Because you live (a one direction fanfic)

On the run from her abusive father, Lilianna thought the only thing she had left to care about was protecting her little sister Bonnie. Little does she know, she's dead wrong.


9. He means well

"Okay, I was right. You are truly and completely insane." I said as he lifted the silvery linings of the window.
"I thought you weren't a wuss?" He asked grinning as I gave him a death glare.
"I'm not." I replied with a mix of fake confidence and annoyance in my voice.
"Then prove it." He challenged. I glanced at him, he already had one of his legs out the window and was balancing himself in between the hospital room and, what? A shallowly grave?
"Oh come on its only two stories!" He urged.
"ONLY?" I Questioned.This boy has gone mad. Something must've been In that medication. I never trusted that nurse, if you have blue hair, you could be rescuing puppies from a burning building for all I care; I'm gonna think you're shady.
"Pleeaase?" He begged. He tried giving me the puppy dog eyes, well it's not gonna work its not-oh god those eyes though..NO I need to snap out of it! I am NOT jumping 2 stories. NOT happening.


"Okay fine." I said giving up. He smirked (which I am seriously thinking about writing a strongly worded letter to The queen to make it illegal for harry to do) and grabbed my hand and towed me towards the large window that was making loud tinkering noises due to the rain outside. There's practically (the hurricane) sandy's baby outside and what is harold doing? Making me go to the beach which is closed down for good reason. Stupid crazy British boy. 'You forgot beautiful.' CONSCIENCE WHO LET YOU BACK IN?? Freaking hate that thing.....well my craziness aside, he again stuck one leg outside the window and slowly stuck out the other. He reached out his hand and dragged me to the point that I somehow ended up sitting on the windowsill with him.
"There's a garden down there." He mumbled, motioning towards the ground below us. I nodded trying my best not to look down.
"ready?" He asked. I nodded still trying not to look down and clutched his arm as if it were my life. After a whoosh of wind and both of us shrieking, I soon felt ground beneath me. Dirty dandelions but I'll take it. He started cackling which put me in tears (of laughter) because if you ever hear a British person laugh, it Is the sexiest funniest thing to hear.
"Let's go" he said wiping the laugh tears out of his eyes. I nodded and we jogged out of the ghost town hospital parking lot. Around halfway through the trip to the beach, I had to stop and catch a breath. He soon turned around to see why he couldn't hear the rubber soles of my shoes rhythmically tap the sidewalk and walked towards me.
"Are you alright?" He asked in a raspy voice from running.
"Yeah I just didn't even know ghosts could get like this." I said. 'It's what came with it honey, Learn to live with it.' REALLY CONSCIENCE. LEAVE NOW. 'But you didn't let me finish darling.' The stupid voice in my head continued, 'you are keeping the same injuries from your normal body. Don't believe me? Look for yourself.' It pressed on. I paused and looked at the bus stop with the glass side walls with advertisements hanging on them then started walking towards it. "Lil what are you doing?" Harry asked, but I couldn't answer him right now I had to focus. I looked at the small reflection from the glass side wall and lifted a small part of the bottom of my hospital gown and then realized that my conscience was right all along. I had cuts and bruises leading all the way down the left side of my body. From my collarbone all the way down to my ankle, all scars and worsening bruises. So that was why I was out of breath so easily.... I thought, noticing the large crimson gash in the left side of my stomach. I sighed and let the hospital gown fall back on my knees. Harry's face turned to one of the most concerned expressions I've seen on him as he walked towards me.
"Lil I am so sor-"
"Don't be." I cut him off. I quietly started playing with my bracelet trying to calm myself and forget the small hatred I was starting to feel for him in the pit of my stomach. I know that I could....have a very logical good reason to hate him, after all; he KILLED me. But for some reason when his green concerned eyes pierced into me like was..impossible.
"But you know that I can't not be sorry." He said slowly, making it a thousand times more difficult to comprehend what he just said.....well, that and those eyes.....'ha. You're going through it' I HATE YOU CONSCIENCE. screw you and your riddles. Who do you think you are; mr.x?? "All of's all because of me. If I wasn't so stupid enough to chug that bottle down after Sydney dumped me you wouldn't be hurt like this or a ghost for that matter!" He scoffed to himself at his own stupidity. "I am so sorry Lilly. For everything."
He said again but this time I knew he really meant what he said. " I forgive you harry." I said also meaning it.
" I have gone through so much crap, that I understand what it is to make a mistake and be sorry but have the other person never forgive you. And it hurts, so I'd hate to be again on the other side; so I forgive you." I said, leaving out the part that the one person I'm scared will never forgive Bonnie. Because if I were her, id hate me.
"Preach it sista." He said in a woman voice while chuckling at his own joke.
"Never say that again." I said seriously.
"Never ever?" He asked pouting like a 5-year old. "Never ever." I replied.

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