Because you live (a one direction fanfic)

On the run from her abusive father, Lilianna thought the only thing she had left to care about was protecting her little sister Bonnie. Little does she know, she's dead wrong.


3. Better than expected

"Please take off all items besides clothing and place them in the bins." The airport security man instructed. Me and Bonnie took off our shoes keys bags etc., and put them in the bins. We went through all the boring security stuff metal detectors blah blah, etc. But finally, the plane. I eyed it from the window and breathed a little heavier. " um Lilly are you okay?" Bonnie asked looking at my hands; I haven't noticed until now that they're shaking uncontrollably. I've always been scared of flying for as long as I could remember. No backstory to explain why I just was REALLY scared of it, the feeling of being in the sky, felt creepy and unnatural. I sighed and looked at Bonnie. " you don't have to do this if you don't want to." She said. " I want to." I said back. She smiled and skipped closer to the gate that led to the plane, gate 13, oh 13. That's a good sign, I thought to myself sarcastically. I trudged to the gate, took a deep breath and stepped on the plane. Do it for Bonnie I thought to myself. And I kept repeating that in my head almost the entire time I walked to my seat, do it for Bonnie. Do it for Bonnie. Do it for Bonnie. My thoughts were interrupted by the loud pilots voice booming through the speakers. " hello folks, were looking at a wonderful flight today, perfect weather for visiting London am I right folks?" A little girl squealed with excitement while reading a magazine and wearing a shirt that caught my eye. It read " I <3 1D" well her and Bonnie would get along just fine, I thought to myself chuckling. I sat down next to Bonnie. Hmm well at least I get a window seat. I told Bonnie to wake me when we get there, put on my headphones, tuned everything out, and drifted off to sleep.

"Lilly, wake up. We're here" Bonnie said nudging me. I opened my eyes slowly trying to take in my surroundings. Oh, I though feeling stupid, were still on the plane but it just landed. I observed groggily trying to wake myself up by turning up the volume on my headphones, but it only made me more tired. The pilot instructed us to unbuckle our seat belts and exit the plane. We did that and hopped into a taxi and told the driver to drive us to the nearest information center. When we got there I thanked him, and paid him, grateful that the airport had an ATM that exchanged American dollars for euros. Me and Bonnie both got a bunch of maps and took another taxi to a hotel; "royal hibiscus". Sounds promising, I thought to myself. When we got there I walked to the man at the desk and asked him straightforward, " how much would it be to buy a room for about half a year?" I was very shocked when he also gave me a straightforward answer and was giddy when I found out I would have much much more money left over. As I set my bag down in the room, my jaw nearly hit the ground. It turns out inside the door there's a room with 2 doors, our own rooms, sweet. I thought excitedly. But the rooms were simply amazing. The beds were humongous king sized beds with the blankets a really beautiful purple and the pillows some kind of memory foam stuff that's good for your muscles. The tvs were huge and had tons of channels. Plus, we both have our own bathrooms and kitchens. But the best part by far, was definatly the big jacuzzi in the bathroom. I CAN NOT wait to try that out. I plopped myself on the bed and turned on the tv. I haven't even been here for five minutes, and I can tell, I'm definatly gonna love it here.
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