Because you live (a one direction fanfic)

On the run from her abusive father, Lilianna thought the only thing she had left to care about was protecting her little sister Bonnie. Little does she know, she's dead wrong.


5. Am I dead yet?

Lilly's pov
I'm dead. I know I am... I have to be, right? But somehow I still feel alive....just numb. I opened my eyes, wait..maybe I'm not dead after all. I looked around the room, ok so I'm not dead, I knew it for sure. But, where was I? The room looked really bland and boring and I could hear a slow beeping sound. It was my heart monitor, unsteady rate, but I'll take it. I was really happy, I rose out of the bed and that's when I found I rose and stood up, I saw my body. But not in the way you would look in a mirror, but as if I were looking at another person. As if there were 2 me's. I gaped at my limp body helplessly laying there and I turned away, how is this happening? This is impossible! How am I looking AT myself, it makes zero sense to me. Am I a ghost? Do ghosts even exist? If I'm a ghost how is my body still alive? What about heaven/hell? All these questions kept racing through my mind until I heard a door open. The room seemed to be the type that has a ginormous curtain separating the room into two. I couldn't even see who was on the other side and that, for an unusual reason, irked me. Anyways I digress, the friendly red haired lady walked into the room and moved close to me, well in this case, the other me. She reached into her coat pocket and held a needle. "What are you doing?" I asked her, hm so I can speak. That'll come in handy. I thought smirking. But she ignored me and moved the needle closer to my body. " what ARE you doing? What's in that?" I asked growing more frustrated. But again she ignored me and tended to my limp body, putting god-knows-what into my bloodstream. Getting sick and tired of this, I lunged forward and pounced on her. Well, at least attempted to..considering I fell through her. Literally. As If I were some hologram, I fell through her. Ok, I'm a ghost. I know it now. I'll learn to accept it and adapt but for now, I was freaking the hell out. Yelling at the lady, trying to get her to hear me, trying to throw things but again, my hands passed through the objects. I even tried jumping back into my body, which obviously didn't work. I was growing more and more annoyed by the second. I just want my old body back.

Harry's pov
I woke to the sound of an angry cry. A cry that made my eyes shot open within miliseconds. The cry sounded so... Words can't describe it. It sounded full of pain and agony and I jumped out of the hospital bed and quickly pulled the curtains to see a nurse looking at me like I was out of my mind. " is everything alright mister styles?" She asked with concern in her voice, concern for my sanity at least. " no everything's not alright, I just heard a-" I was about to finish my rant but I turned my head and saw her, it was the girl, the one I...crashed. I thought with my stomach feeling like it was being punched. But she looked perfectly fine, not a single scar or bruise and the look on her face balanced between, " I think I wanna just jump on top of you and give you the biggest hug ever " or the dominant " I wanna rip the needle out of this nurses hand and shank you with it." Choice b showed more. But then I saw her again. I seriously had to do a double take. There was two of them? "There's two of you??" I asked aloud. The nurse gave up on trying to understand my logic and left the room looking creeped out. "You can see me?" She asked. "Of course I can see you, but you didn't answer my question." I retorted. "So, you can see this me and the unconscious one? Well that's a surprise considering that nurse completely tuned me out." She said sassily. " that's really weird but what's even weirder is, WHY THE BLOODY HELL ARE THERE TWO OF YOU??" I asked getting frustrated with her being difficult. " whoa, language please." She said. I am seriously considering her meeting Louis because she's even more sassy than he is and NOBODY is sassier than the tommo. " sorry I'll make sure to watch my mouth." I said. " ya know, considering I could be dying and it's all your fault, I seriously think you could be a little less of a douche to me, don't ya think?" She asked. " didn't you just tell me to watch my mouth?" I asked. " it's called sarcasm honey you should look it up." She said playing with her hair. I sighed, giving up on arguing with her. " okay, let's discuss this like mature adults, deal?" I asked putting out my hand. She laughed a little and shook my hand, her eyes widening in shock. "H-how did you do that?" She asked completely taken aback. "Do what?" I asked curiously. "I'll show you" she said seriously. She walked to her body and stuck her hand through it. No. I mean actually THROUGH it. As if she were a hologram or something. " I think-I think I'm a ghost or something. And considering you're the only one who can see or hear or even touch me, I suggest we talk about what the hell could've happened." She said, determination rising in her voice.
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