I miss you

Kara and Niall been best friends from the start of life. They grew up with each other. Kara got bullied her whole life, Niall was always there to back her up. Kara always like niall. But she never told him because she though he just laugh at her. So one day Niall came over to her house and said something the made Kara die inside.


18. you are my world

Karas POV After we had watched Bridesmaids lastnight, we practically shut ourselves with laughter. Holly fuck I hope I never forget Nialls laugh. I opened my eyes to see the back of Nialls head. But I didn't feel so good. I clutched my belly in my pale and shaking hands hoping the feeling would go away if I ignored it. So that's what I did. I played with Nialls hair to distract me. Each strand perfectly placed, even though he had crazy sex hair going on. Huh@. Sex hair. The memories of last night flooded in. I was then taken out of my daydream to Lux crying. 'sshhh. Mummy's here Lux.' wait what did I just say? I'm not her mum. I could never replace my beat friend! But, wouldn't she be happier if she thought I was her mum? I have no idea. But let's just go with it. I picked her up in my arms and stroked her hair. 'hey lux.' I whispered. 'mum..mum...mum.' she mumbled. Probably coincidental. 'do u want to wake Niall up?!' I asked. I didn't take no for an answer. I went and kissed his neck smoothly and softly. I then reached my hand down low and stroked his... Niall Jr just slightly touching it. I did this while kissing his ear. He rustled. 'well hello baby.' he kissed my lips. 'breakfast?' he moaned out in his morning voice. I looked at him like all -really?- sorta. 'you have two legs and a heart beat!' I emphasized. He rolled his eyes. 'I love you.' he pleaded me. I rille my eyes. 'Love you too' I trudged out of the room with Lux on my hip. I made waffles. The guys also came downstairs. 'goodmorning.' the guys chuckled. 'what?' I asked. 'so you and Niall... You where umm... Busy last night. Studying am I correct?' Liam asked trying not to laugh. Shit. 'you heard us?!' I asked. 'Kara, I'm pretty sure eskemos heard you and dey where all like yo, where's that wale gone?' I laughed cause zayn had no idea what he as talking about. 'r u ok?' Harry asked. 'your... Pale. And shaking.' I didn't answer. I didn't blink. I then ran tithe toilet and threw up my guts, my brains and everything in between. Gross. Niall came in and held my hair back. 'u ok?' I nodded. 'yeah. I'm fine.' I wasn't sure though. 'maybe... Maybe your pregnant.' Niall asked... Hopefully maybe? 'no. I'm not.' I answered. It impossible. 'I really wanna take you to the doctor.' Niall told me. 'I'm fine ni. Thanks.' I gave him a hug and I didn't let go of my eternal grip. The smell of his cologn rightful against my nose. 'I love you.' he mumbled. I looked up at him. Did he just say... 'you love me?' I asked. 'yeah.' he informed me. 'Niall... I... I love you too.' I told him. He kissed my lips sweetly, tasting nothing less than perfect, bouncing back when I would just ever so lightly brush my teeth against it. I heard my phone beep and so I let go of Niall and checked it. 'what's that?' he asked. I laughed. 'it's an app where it'll send an alarm yo your phone whenever 1d's on tV.' I told him. He laughed. I turned on the tv. I heard some news guys talking. 'so Niall. We've heard that you have a girlfriend.' I blushed. 'nope. No idea what your talking about. I'm a single pringle.' Niall said. I looked questioningly at the tv. 'you heard it here folks. 9th July 2013. Niall is a single pringle.' she laughed. I turned the tv off. 'Niall, that was too days ago.' he nodded. 'we where dating like two and a half weeks ago.' he nodded slowly scared if my reaction. 'you say we aren't dating! So your ashamed of me is that it Niall?!' I yelled at him. 'kara calm down!' he told me. 'if you live me so much why won't you tell anyone that were dating?!?!' he asked. 'I don't want you to get a reputation.' WTF? 'A REPUTATION? what the hell does that mean?!' I yelled. 'it means you don't love me!' I conclusion jumped. 'that isn't true! Iceboxes you for so ling Kara!' he told me. 'prove it! Tell it to the world.' I nearly whispered. 'I love you.' he whispered. 'whyd you tell it to me?' I wondered quietly. 'because you are my world.'
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