I miss you

Kara and Niall been best friends from the start of life. They grew up with each other. Kara got bullied her whole life, Niall was always there to back her up. Kara always like niall. But she never told him because she though he just laugh at her. So one day Niall came over to her house and said something the made Kara die inside.


13. The kiss

Kara's pov~
I cant believe I'm kissing Niall. It just felt so right and then again soooo wrong especially since my boyfriend just died. Imma kill my father. I got up from the chair and was walking until Niall grabbed my wrist and turned me around.
Niall's pov~
I can't believe she just kissed me. Was this mixed emotions or something? Is she confused or is she liked me all this time. She got up breaking our lip contant and walking out the door. I ran after her and grabbed her wrist. "Where are you going Kara?" "Two things. 1.) I'm going to beat the living hell out of my dad for killing my boyfriend and 2.) why do you care?!?! It's not like you cared when you just left me a year or two ago?" She screamed at me. I was shocked I didn't know what to say or do. "That's what I thought." She said and grabbed her sleeve and wiped her lips. I was really hurt by that.
Kara's pov~
I got really pissed. This is the first time I let everything out. I yelled at him. I wiped his taste off my mouth so he can see it. I secretly didn't want to do that because deep down beside all this shit load of problems is feelings for Niall. I called Alexis to tell her to pick me up. She pulled up five mins after I called. I told her to drop me off at my dads house and I told her to stay here incase anything doesn't go y way. She looked at me really shocked.
Alexis pov~
Kara said she was going to her dads house. I didn't want her getting killed! She told me to stay out and wait for her. She said "stay out here Jesse things don't go my way."what the hell is that suppose to me?!??! "Kara what are you doing?" "In beating the hell out of my dad for killing my best friend, my amazing boyfriend." "That's what the hell in doing." Damn she was really pissed. I just did what I was told and parked in front of her house. I knew I would NEVER win this battle between us. I watched her knock on the door and punched her dad right in the face. He fell over and she jumped on top of him and continued to beat the shit out of him. She finally got up but her dad got up to and pulled her hair. But she turned around ad slugded him with her fist. She slammed the door and walked back into the car. Damn I never thought Kara be this violent. Sometimes this chick surpises me with things.
Kara's pov~
I felt relief at what I just did. I took my arnged out tht was bottled inside me and just beat the shit out of my dad. Maybe that knocked some since into his fucking head! I been waiting to do that when he started to abuse me. I felt relaxed and safe. I asked Alexis if I can stay at her house. She nodded and drove to her house. When we got to the house I took a shower and changed my clothes. Then I started to think hard. I remember one day one of my friends (she was really close but not closer than Alexis) asked me to have her baby. Because her boyfriend died and she is going to die soon of some illness. I said I'd do that for her. Her name was Amy. And she told me that her birth is on sept 12 . That's in a week. That's one day away from my birthday. And Niall's...... I decided to text Amy and ask her some questions about this whole baby thing.
Me:hey Amy how's everything are you still going me your baby?
Amy:yes if I don't make it and I'm due in a week I'm quite sad. I have all the papers for you so you can have my sweet little baby. It's her girl and I want you to be there when she is delivered because I want her to see you first because I'm not making even the doctors say I have no chance of making it.
Me: don't say that! You never know what could happen! And if love to come with you to see your little baby.
Amy: your sweet little baby
Me: Amy its UR baby until u pass so don't call it mine just yet.
Amy: Ik it's just I know I'm not gonna make it. And promise me one thing.
Me:anything Amy what is it?
Amy: can you name my baby lux?
Me: yes I will.
*end of conv*
I deiced to text Niall.
Me: hey Niall sorry abou today I wasn't it a good mood. And I'd like to talk to you at Starbucks tomorrow morning?
Niall: Uhm ok
Me: bye I gotta go.
Amy's pov~
I can't believe I'm gonna die. I'm so bad that I asked Kara to have my baby. But she is the only person I can trust. I asked her to name her Lux that's the only thing I wanted to remember her by. I don't even wanna look at her because I know I'll get attached to fast. I told my doctor everything that is going on that day. She agreed and said it was fine.
Niall's pov~
I got a text from Kara saying sorry and stuff and she wanted to meet me at Starbucks tomorrow. I said ok. I was ecstatic about it. I called it a date in my head al I can say is I'm really happy.
Kara's pov~
I told Alexis I was meeting Niall at Starbucks and stuff. She said okay and went back to sleep since it was Saturday morning. I was goin to tell Niall about the baby.. No one knows except for me and Amy. I need to tell someone that I can trust... Ill tell Alexis later... So I got there an order my usaul mocha and sat at a table. I saw a blonde guy in a hood and sunglasses come in: it was Niall I know. He looked for me and sat down from me. "Hey Niall I'm sorry about yesterday." "It's fine just a bit shocking that's all." He said. "Niall I want you to know something really important that you can't tell anyone! I mean anyone!" "Ok what is it Kara?" "I'm .... Saving ... A baby.......
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