I miss you

Kara and Niall been best friends from the start of life. They grew up with each other. Kara got bullied her whole life, Niall was always there to back her up. Kara always like niall. But she never told him because she though he just laugh at her. So one day Niall came over to her house and said something the made Kara die inside.


17. Singing? Nah more like whale noises

Kara's pov~
I woke up by Lux crying. I sighed and got up. I picked her up. I smiled at her she looks so much like Amy. I walked around with her. I went into the kitchen and got her a bottle. I heated it up and feed her. She wouldn't go back to sleep so I sang her 'kiss me' by ed sheeran. I heard a noise and I saw Niall looking at me while I was singing. 'You have a beautiful voice I love your singing you should sing more.' 'Singing? Nah more like whale noises I can't sing.' 'Shut up you are amazing.' I giggled. I out lux back in her cott and walked back downstairs. I was cold so u snuggled closer to Niall. 'Niall promise me one thing.' 'Anythjng for you love.' 'Dint leave me again ever I don't want to lose you again and my life going back to hell.' 'I promise.' I smiled and leaned in and kissed him. I almost jumped at all the fireworks in my stomach. I just smiled. I felt Niall get a bit more into the kiss. He pushed me down and laid on top of me and kept kissing me. He didn't do anything I'm happy he knows when not to go to far. I kept smiling until I heard lux crying again. I groaned and pushed Niall off me. I went in there and saw her eyes tearing her face all red. I picked her up and kissed her head. I began singing to her again. I put her down and gave her , her favorite toy. I shut the door and went to change into clothes. I stripped to my underwear and bra. I didn't hear the door open. I turned around and saw Niall smirking. I giggled at him and I put my finger out and told him to come closer. He did as he was told. I laughed at how seducible I can be. I roughly placed my lips on his. I heard a small baby giggle come from lux. I laughed and pushed Niall a bit. He laughed to. I put my sweats on. Niall said he was going back to sleep. I said ok and went on a walk with lux. I saw some guys checking me out but I didn't care. I felt them following me. I slightly turned my head as saw them following me. I pulled my phone out and quickly texted Niall. I don't know if he is up or not.
Niall's pov~
I woke up by my phone buzzing. I saw it was from Kara. 'Help I'm being followed I'm at the park with lux and there's like three of them.' I got so pissed I threw on my clothes and went by the nearest park. I was across the street and saw her walking very fast and the guys following her. I ran across the street and hugged her. She was about to freak out when she noticed it was me. I saw the guys turn around to leave and we went back to the apartment. 'Thanks niall you saved me.' 'Its that my job?' I smirked at her. She giggled and put lux upstairs. She came by me and kissed me. 'I want you right now,' she whispered in my ear. 'You sure?' She nodded I smiled and said I'd be right back. I grabbed a condom from under my bed. I made sure lux was fully asleep and warm. I rapped her blanket around her and put to toys be her eyes. I giggled by that. I walked back down and started to kiss Kara.
-sexually scene- cant handle it don't read(:
When I was kissing her I pulled off her shirt and pants all she was in was her underwear and bra. I took out my pants and shirt to. I waited a bit for taking off everything else. I started kissing her neck. Slightly nipping her neck making it tender and red. I heard her moan a little. 'Niall just get in me!' She whispered yelled. I took off her underwear and bra. I smiled at her body. I took my boxers off and put the condom on. 'Ill take it slow and easy first tell me when to pick up the pace ok?' She nodded. I made my way threw her walls. 'Niall faster,' she moans in Aggravation. I did as I was told and thrusted in and out faster. I stopped for a while and laid her in top on me and began kissing her. I had a extra condom I'm my pants if I need it . Which I did. She pulled it off and began giving me and blow job. And man did I fell good. 'Babe I'm about to burst.' She giggled and my sex translation and stopped giving my one and laid on top of me again. I felt her tiny body on me. I felt her breasts laying on my chest and her hair messed up a bit. 'Niall babe I need you again.' I pulled out the other condom and thrusted faster than before she began to moan louder and louder. I left a tail of kisses down to her stomach. I put two of my fingers in her and pushed in and out with them. I started to kiss her again while fingering her. She moaned a bit louder. I took my finger out and licked them to turn he more on. 'Tasty,' I said. She looked more turned on to.
Kara's pov~
I felt pleasure all over my body. I looked at Niall with lust and love in his eyes. He began to lip my area. I have to admit it tickled a bit but I didn't to anything. I pulled him up by me and placed my lips on his. I felt passion burst threw my body. It only made me want him more. He began massing and sucking my breast. I moaned again. We ended it with a make out sessin. I told Niall lead gonna take a shower. I took at good thirty minute shower. I came out and put my spandex on(I played volleyball when I was in school and still do.) I put a tank top on. I fish tailed my long hair and picked lux up. She looked so happy she didn't even knew what happened literally a few days ago. I saw niall on the couch eating and watching a shower. 'Can we watch a movie?' He nodded I laid lux in her Portable cott and watched a movie with Niall until I fell asleep.
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