I miss you

Kara and Niall been best friends from the start of life. They grew up with each other. Kara got bullied her whole life, Niall was always there to back her up. Kara always like niall. But she never told him because she though he just laugh at her. So one day Niall came over to her house and said something the made Kara die inside.


10. I staying home I don't want to go to school

Kara's pov~
I woke up with massif headache. I looked aiver at Tom and cuddled closer to him. He put his arm around me. I kissed his lips and laid my head on his chest. I laid there for a few minutes when Tom got up and got dressed and went downstairs. I fell back asleep.
Toms pov~
I got up and got dressed. I went downstairs to make breakfast for me, my brother, and my wonderful girlfriend that is depressed a lot because if family problems and bullies.
Alexis pov~
I devices to go to Tim's and Toms house and go see Tim and Kara. On my way to Tim's house I got my phone out and looked for Niall's contact. I found it so I deiced to give him a text. "Niall you gotta leave Kara alone until she is ready to talk to you. Don't talk to us until next summer. Kara and I will be going to England for a while so just leave us outta the loop until then. So leave Kara alone she has a wonderful boyfriend that loves her and I don't think she needs to be confused about love right now." I hit send and knocked on Tim's door.
Toms pov~
Someone knocked on the door so I answered it, it was Alexis. I told her t is getting dressed and breakfast is ready if she wants any. I called up to Kara and she came running down and then she slipped down the stairs. Alexis was laughing a lot. God I'm gonna miss her clumsiness when me and my brother move to the U.S. I ran over to her sand picked her up and carried her to the table. I just laughed and so did she.
Niall's pov~
I got a text from Alexis? Kara's BFF? Ok then? I opened it and read it. I got sad. But until I got to the coming to England in the summer thug. The boys walked in and asked me what's wrong told them. They all had sad faces on except lou. I looked at him confused. What does that boys have in his little head. "OI Lou what you thinking about?" "Um just that we should go down to Ireland and get you your love." I sighed "Lou I don't think that's a good idea..." "How so who cares what the texts says its not like her friend is gonna kill you." She might thought in my head. "What about management?" I asked. " we will tell them you got homesick and we are gonna stay there for a week. " I thought that's an okay idea. I thought hard and finally said yes. They all cheered and went into the kitchen and grabbed a sack and sat on the couch and asked when will we be going. I told them we will go Friday and that's in two days. I went into y room and started to pack.
Kara's pov~
"Come on Kara you gotta come it won't be any fun without you!" Alexis and Tom said. I just sighed and said "I'm staying home and I don't wanna go to school" over and over again. They finally have up. They just left now. So imma take a shower first then I'm gonna go home and pack like a two weeks of clothes because I ain't going home and after all this in gonna visits mommy in the hospital. I put my plate in the sink and went into the bathroom. I locked the door and turned on the water. Then I saw a radio so I turned it in to. Kiss me came in by Ed Sheehan or what very it is. It's one of my favorite songs. I took my clothes off and hoppd into the shower.
Toms pov~
Crap I forgot my phone. I unlocked the door and I heard the shower running and someone singing. I went into the kitchen and turned the radio off. The thing is it isn't on. I walked quietly upstairs and heard someone singing. Beautiful. I walked into my room and got my phone and looked for Kara. I guess is the mystery voice. Damn she's a very good singer. Ill tell her when I get back home because in almost late for school.
Kara's pov~
I washed every single part of my body. I got out and put my old clothes on. I left my hair wet because when I come back ill do it. I got my purse and keys to toms house. I locked the door and started to walk to my house. It isn't that far away it's only two blocks. Hopefully my dad isn't home.

---two blocks later---
Shit he is home. I opened the door and right when I took a step into the house my dad punched me. I ran up to my room but he grabbed my arm and pulled a knife put and cut it down my arm. I screamed and pushed him. I ran up into my room and locked the dork. I packed everything I needed. Makeup, hair stuff, monthly stuff, and and few weeks of clothes. I opened my window and jumped on the tree by my window. I left my window cracked just in case I needed to get in without running into my dad. I climbed down the tree and ran to toms house. I got there less than five mins. I got the keys out my pusher and rush in and lock the doors. Threw all my stuff on the ground and ran to the bathroom to get bandages for this cut. I think it's a little to deep for just bandages. So I hurried and changed and did my hair and make up. I ran out the door to the hospital.
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