I miss you

Kara and Niall been best friends from the start of life. They grew up with each other. Kara got bullied her whole life, Niall was always there to back her up. Kara always like niall. But she never told him because she though he just laugh at her. So one day Niall came over to her house and said something the made Kara die inside.


11. Go away I HATE you so leave me alone

Kara's pov~
Today is Friday. The last few days have been a blur. I been really quite and less social. I can see all my friends and my boyfriend are really worried sick about me. I been staying at Toms house. I been crying every night. Because of this bullshit. Jessy and he bitches have been all up in my personal bubble. Then I been getting death texts from my dad because I haven't been coming home and then my mom got a little worse with her cancer stuff....
Niall's pov~
We are leaving today to go see Kara. I'm excited to finally see her. But I doubt see wants to even see me. I felt soooooo horrible about doing that to her. The boys will love her if she even lets us she her. I can't wait anymore.
Toms pov~
It's been two days since Kara didn't do anything. I'm extremely worried. And Alexis told me about this Niall guy. He is a big douche. How can you do that to a sweet heart like Kara? I hope he doesn't come over here.
Alexis's pov~
I got a text from Niall saying he is coming over her for a week... I don't know how to tell Kara.. I'm don't know what's gonna go down. but shit is and will get freaking serious. I feel bad for Kara.... All of these things are happening and they aren't even good things.
Niall's pov~
I told Alexis we were coming over and if we should meet up sometime. She texted back saying that's not a good idea. I got sad because of what she said. Oh well we will randomly run into each other then I thought to myself. It's 7:30 and our plane is leaving in five mins. I can't wait to see Kara. Even tho she doesn't want to see me.
Kara's pov~
I got a text from Alexis.
Alexis: I need to tell you something..... Meet me at Starbucks?
Me: Uhm ok... Ill be there in five.
Alexis: k see u there and sit in the back corner where we usually sit k?
Me: ok see you
I got ready and got my car keys and I yelled to Tom that I was goi to see Alexis. He said alright and said bye. I left and got into my car. I put the radio I my favorite station and then next thing I know one of .... Niall's songs come on. What makes you beautiful don't et me wrong i absolutely LOVE this song... I started to sing and after the song was done I got at Starbucks and got a mocha and sat down by Alexis. "Alexis is something wrong??? DID TIM GET YOU PREGO?!?!" She laughed and shook her head. "I don't know really how to tell you this but Niall and his mates are coming down for a week. And they are planning to see you and I.... I gonna try to make tht not happen..." I thought to myself. Niall's coming down? I it a get revenge plan. Fort every time I see Niall ill make out with Tom. Second ill slap him really hard. And then third ill ignore him until I feel like talking to him. "What's are you planning Kara?" Alexis asked. "Nothing really except of a big plate of revenge." She smiled and asked what am I gonna do. I told her wetting. She looked a little disappointed that I'm doing it but she knows I love to have revenge.
Alexis pov~
Damn Kara got colder since Niall felt... I can't believe she would do that but that's her. She loves her revenge. I'm gonna feel bad for Niall when he and his lads get here.... We finished our coffee in sleep. We said goodbye and we got in our cars and drove down to Tim's and toms house. Kara unlocked the door and Tom laying on the floor with blood all over the place. It looks like he got stabbed in the stomach. Kara ran to his side and yelled ate to call the police. I did and called Tim. He was with his mom.
Kara's pov~
In completely lost now. I have nothing to live for. I looked down at toms body and my hands. They were all bloody.

-----------30 mins earlier-----------
Toms pov~
I was just laying down playing vidoe games in my room when I heard the back door open. "Kara? Is that you?" No answer. I got up and went down stairs. I was walking when I heard footsteps beside me. I turned around and ran into the living. I turned around and saw Kara's dad running at me with a knife. I was frozen I didn't know what to do. I just stood there until the knife got me right in the stomach. I screamed in pain and blacked out.

---back to present time---
Niall's pov~
We just landed in Ireland. It's three o'clock. We just got out of the airport and we were on the a block were there were police and paramedics. Then I saw Kara and Alexis. Kara was crying and Alexis was trying to calm her down. I told harry to stop driving. I jumped out and ran over by Alexis and Kara. And let's just say Kara wasn't in the mood to see me... "Go away I HATE you! Leave me alone! I had enough of bad things happen me today I don't want anything bad more happen." She yelled at me. I was shocked Alexis looked really sorry well at least that's what her eyes said. Her eyes also told me to go to the hospital with us. Inside and went back to the car. I told Harry to go to the hospital. When we got to the hospital I asked Alexis where Kara was she told me to follow her. I told the boy to stay in the car because I won't be long.
Kara's pov~
I was in the room and then I heard a faint toy voice coming from Tom. "Your.. Dad.. Did this." He said. "Come closer." I did and then he kissed me for the last time I believe. When I was kissing him I heard the thingy scream "BEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP......" I started crying. I fell to the floor as doctors rushed in and trying to wake Tom back up. They told me I had to get out. But I didn't get up. Then one guys grabbed my arms and picked me up and carried me in the hall and put me in the chair. I sat there crying then Niall came by. I needed someone shoulder to cry on. He sat by me telling me everything's gonna be ok. I just looked deep into his crystal baby blue eyes. I moved my head in closer.....
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