I miss you

Kara and Niall been best friends from the start of life. They grew up with each other. Kara got bullied her whole life, Niall was always there to back her up. Kara always like niall. But she never told him because she though he just laugh at her. So one day Niall came over to her house and said something the made Kara die inside.


12. A/n

Hey guys its Kara (:. I really want some feedback! Kik me at karacleve.xx or follow me on Instagram at karacleve. I would also really love if u guys liked this book ad read some of my other books like "lost and found" "kidnapped by Niall's new girlfriend"and "masked beauty. " and try to in courage ur friends to rea these to plz. (:
Tanx! Loves
Stay phenomNIALL. (:
Bye guys
~Kara Horan :*
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