I miss you

Kara and Niall been best friends from the start of life. They grew up with each other. Kara got bullied her whole life, Niall was always there to back her up. Kara always like niall. But she never told him because she though he just laugh at her. So one day Niall came over to her house and said something the made Kara die inside.


15. Abou two and a half weeks later

About two and a half weeks later-
Kara's pov~
I woke up by a call from Amy.
Amy: I'm giving birth I need your help fast please.
Me: I'll be there in five hang tight babe ill e there fast as possible.
I went in my pjs and got to her house. I opened the door. I ran up to her room and helpe her down the stairs and to the car. I rushed to the car. I sped. I got pulled over by the police but I didn't pull over. The hospital was only a minute away. I parked the car and helped Amy out. I told the police she was giving birth. They didn't give me a ticket. People who worked at the hospital came out and got a wheelchair. I placed her on there. I ran with them. She was in room 123. I called Lexi and told her where I was. She wasn't so happy I woke he up. After ten minutes I heard the baby. Saw the baby looking at me. She must of told them to make sure she looks at me first so she impirnts on me. I saw Amy holding a paper. It was the adoption thing. I signed it. Then i saw Amy's arm fall down ad her eyes shut. I didn't feel her pulse. The docotors rushed her out of the room to help her. I held lux and waited for the news. I heard a knock on the door. Come in. 'Im so sorry she didn't make it.' The doc said. I became to cry she was the one I could go to fr help with personal issues the one was so strong. 'Hey doc how am i suppose to feed this little girl?' 'Well provide you with breast milk from another pregnant women.' 'Oh ok thanks.' 'Hey lux you hungry?' Can I have some bottles to go? Like possible 10-15?' 'Yes but it'll take a while.' 'Ok I'm fine with that as l don't sit in here and wait I don't want to remember everything that happened.' 'Certuainly,' I got up and walked to waiting room. Then I began crying harder. I forgot I to text Niall.
Me: hey ni u awake?'
Niall: yeah why?
Me: I need you here I can't take the pain.
Niall; what pain are you ok? What's wrong?
Me: remember the baby and my best friend die and I have to wait for ready milk for the little girl. And I'm at the hospital.
Niall: ok ill be there in five.
I began to cry more. I held lux close to me and cried. Lux is my only connection to Amy. I aired give minutes and saw Niall waking in. I waved to him. I wiped my nose on my sleeve. He ran over my me and hugged me. ''May I hold lux while you freshen up?' 'Yes thanks Niall and can we go to her house and get all the clothes and stuff she had. Or I might as well live there. I can't go home and I'm sure Lexi's parents don't want a new born there.' 'Kara yiu can live with me. Well treat this kid like its our own.' 'Niall you don't live here. You live in London.' 'I know.' 'Niall I can't move to London with you.' 'Yes you can Kara please I love you and I always wanted to be yours no ones else's. I haven't dated anyone since left you. What I'm trying to say is that I love you and will you be my girlfriend?' 'Yes niall I will.' I smiled and cried and the same time. We all hugged toe gather as a family. 'So when are we leaving to London?' 'In two days.' 'Ok the last day well pack up the stuff at her house.' 'Ok. Wait what about Lexi?' 'Ill tell her when I get home tomorrow.' 'Ok.' 'Heres the milk and when you need more just come here.' 'But I'm mocking to London in two days. What should I do.' 'I have a friend up there. Tell him I sent you to get it ill even write a letter for you.'
We left and went to Niall's flat. I places lux in the middle of me and Niall. I woke up because she was crying. I got one of the bottles and fed her. I walked around with her and she finally fell asleep. 'You'll be an amazing mother Kara.' I heard Niall say. 'Thanks now get sleep while you can.' I woke up in the morning. I got lux and changed her daiper. I told Niall I was going to Lexis to get me stuff.
-gets there-
'Omg let me see her.' Lexi ran up to me. 'Lexi we need to talk.' 'About?' 'Ok Lexi's this is hard to say but I'm moving to London.' 'What?' 'Lexi be reasonable. Your parents don't want to put up with lux and I know you don't either. I'm sorry but I'm only chances of her having a great life is if I move to London and live with Niall. Ill come and visit when I can.' 'When are you leaving?' 'Tomoorow.' She began crying. 'Lexi please don't cry this is all hard on me to its just I want to help lux.' 'Its ok but we are spending the last two days with each other.' 'Deal.' 'I gotta pack me stuff.' I gave lux to Lexi and went to pack ally stuff. I put it in a large bag and took it downstairs. I saw lux sleeping on Lexi and Lexi playing with her hair.
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