Starting Fresh

(Louis Tomlinson FanFic) Katie had a crappy life. Her parents passed away less than a month ago, her ex boyfriend wont stop bothering her, she is popular but she doesn't understand why. She think people feel pity for her. One day, as she is listening to the radio in her car, a song she never heard before comes on. She arrives at Starbucks while humming the song. Soon after sitting down, she hears a voice, "You like that song love?" She looks up into the most beautiful ocean blue eyes ever......


2. Starbucks

Katie POV

I woke up to rocks against my window. UGH its Major Dickie Head. (my friends and I love to call him that.)  I open the window and say "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT DICKHEAD???" "Awww baby I missed you too! I came to talk to you. I'm coming in okay?" I heard the front door of my flat open and close. I'm too scared to move. He never actually came in my house. He might have tried to come in but never actually come in. I quickly close my bedroom window and lock my room door. I started to hear footsteps come closer to the door and the doorknob rattle. I grabbed my phone and dialed my best friend, Brooke's number. "Hello?" "Brooke! He is here!! He came in my house!!! Do something!! Please!!!" "KT don't panic! Remember the vine outside your window? Climb down it and come to my house!" I'm too scared to move!!" "Then Katie, KICK HIS ASS!! You have power!!" "Okay... I'll call you back..." "No! Keep me on the line! I wanna hear this..." I heard Alex say something behind the door. I quickly got up and started to walk to my door. "Alex? GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" "Baby come on! We could start fresh!" "The only thing that will be fresh is your blood IF YOU DON'T GET THE HELL OUT!" "Oh fiesty huh babe? You asked for it!" He suddenly burst the door open and came bolting in. I quickly reacted and punched him in the face. He fell backwards and that gave me time. Time to grab my phone and open the window and run. Run to my car in my sweats, tank top, and carrot slippers.. I turned the radio on hoping for some happy music. I suddenly heard a song I never heard of. "Lets go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun! I know we only met but lets pretends its love!" The tune was really catchy and I hummed it the whole ride. The ride that I had no idea that would change my life. The ride to Starbucks...

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