Starting Fresh

(Louis Tomlinson FanFic) Katie had a crappy life. Her parents passed away less than a month ago, her ex boyfriend wont stop bothering her, she is popular but she doesn't understand why. She think people feel pity for her. One day, as she is listening to the radio in her car, a song she never heard before comes on. She arrives at Starbucks while humming the song. Soon after sitting down, she hears a voice, "You like that song love?" She looks up into the most beautiful ocean blue eyes ever......


3. My name is

Alex POV

That bitch punched me! How could she betray her boyfriend?? I'm in her room alone looking for clues for where she went. I hope she understands what goes around comes around..


Katie POV

I get out of my car while humming and order a Vanilla Bean Frap. I get my drink and sit down. I quickly text Brooke,

To Brookie

Hey Brookie, I'm in Starbucks. I think Alex is still at my house..

-Kit Kat

From Brookie

OMG ARE YOU OKAY??? Why is he still there? Do you want me to come get you?

To Brookie

No its okay, I just need some time to think. I'll be over later... Bye

-Kit Kat

From Brooke

Okay hun be careful bye.


I turn off my phone and close my eyes while humming the catchy tune. Suddenly, I hear "You like the song love?" I look up to the most beautiful eyes I ever seen. "Its a catchy tune." I send a weak smile at him. "Are you okay" "Yea I'm fine. Just a lot on my mind." I sigh loudly. " Well my name is Louis Tomlinson. Whats your name love?" "My name is Katie Stanley" "Well Katie, you are very beautiful and I would like to get to know you better. Here's my number so call me maybe? ;)" I felt my cheeks go red." Uhh sure!! How bout we go to my place?" "Sounds great if you ask me!" YEA!!! "So here is my address come by in about 10 mins!!" "Okay good bye love." He kissed my cheek and left.

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