Starting Fresh

(Louis Tomlinson FanFic) Katie had a crappy life. Her parents passed away less than a month ago, her ex boyfriend wont stop bothering her, she is popular but she doesn't understand why. She think people feel pity for her. One day, as she is listening to the radio in her car, a song she never heard before comes on. She arrives at Starbucks while humming the song. Soon after sitting down, she hears a voice, "You like that song love?" She looks up into the most beautiful ocean blue eyes ever......


9. Meet my Sister! +A/N

A/N Sorry for the fast transition!

Katie POV:

I woke up with a headache! "Ugh" I moaned.  Suddenly the bed shifted and I looked up and there was Louis. Half naked..

What the hell? Did I do the "deed" with him???!!!! 

I look down at myself. Thank the lord! I have clothes on!

I quietly get up and walk downstairs.

I look at my phone. 5 missed calls from Brooke, and Emily.

Emily is my sister who had to move away because of her job.

I called her back. "Hello?" "Katie!?" "Hey Em..." "You sound like you are dead.. DID YOU GO DRINKING??" She yelled into the phone."OH MY GOD SHUT UP! You know being hungover doesnt feel good espically when your LOUD sister yells at you." "Sorry kiddo. I was wondering what are you doing today?" "I dont think I have anything. You should come to my flat." "Alright Text me the address." "Kk Love you bye." "Bye."

My sister looks just like Niall. I think they might "get along" ;)

I hope the boys dont mind..  I needed to wake them up. I thought of and evil idea.

I walked up the stairs and started to run across the halls banging my hardest on the doors of the boys. I started to scream GET YOUR ASS OUTTA BEDS!!! COMPANY IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!

I heard a loud "SHUT UP!!!!!" I laugh and keep banging on doors.


I hear Louis` bedroom door open and he pins me to the floor.

"You awake now?" "Really Katie???" "My sister is coming so get up and so get ready!"

He groans and gets up. I text Emily the address and say I have people I want you to meet :)

30 Mins later.....


I hear the door bell ring and I run downstairs.


"EMILY!!!!!!!!" "KATIE! Im hungry let me in."


She comes in and she hugs me and heads for the fridge... Jeez....

Niall comes down and freezes in his tracks and just stares.

"Who is this?" He asks.

"This is my sister, Emily. Emily meet Niall. Niall meet Emily."

Emily smiles and holds her hand out to shake.

Niall says"I do hugs" He pulls her in for a hug and I look at Emily and her cheeks are like a hot tamale.

I laugh and go to the living room.




HEY GUYS! So I`ll be busy for a while.

And I have writers block frequently!

So I have a thingy I want to tell you.


You need to email me! I will only look for co authors who have already published a short story!

HURRY! Entries due by 10/23/12!!!!!


Also give me reasons why I should choose you!


I will update soon!!

-Katie Bear

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