If I Saw You in Heaven (Cosentino: The Grand Illusionist Love Story)

Love is strong. Love is beautiful. Love conquers all.

But what if love wasn't beautiful? What if love was meant to be hate? How would love live its expectations?

Sixteen year old Melissa Jade was a happy, free-spirited girl. She fell for a boy in her year. They were together for 6 months, until he died in a car accident a month later. His death struck her deeply in her heart. She stopped talking to anyone. She stopped talking to her parents. On the social networking site, Twitter, she would update her status every day, saying she doesn't have a life.

Someone nice reaches out to her ... a man named Cosentino. The man says he has a crush on her, despite being older than her. Melissa is curious about the man but sees where this goes. Is she making a big mistake? Who is the man reaching out to her and what is his plan? Will he rape her? Will he kidnap her? Will he kill her? Or, is he just someone trying to comfort the ordeal Melissa's going on? Can Melissa move forward?


1. Wish

"How can I move on when there's a hole in my heart?"



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