Lost and Found

Kara has a very rough life. She is abused by her step father. One day at school she sees a group of girls around 5 boys. She rans over to them and helps them. Will she find she fall in love with one of the boys?


45. 45.) chapter 45

-8 months later-
Kara's pov-
Let me fill you guys in.
I was pregnant. I made everyone's life a living hell. I always bitched at them because of my hormones. I feel bad. Well I'm having two twin boys but ones older than another and one will come out first then the other one with come out a month later I think that's what the doc said. Well I didn't change docs because I got posse at my last doc. My new docs name is dr. Mrs. Beat. I'm almost 9 months pregnant. I'm due sometimes this week. I don't know when but its sometime this week. Niall wanted to name the first boy Josh Ray Horan. Oh yeah did I mention Niall proposed to me but we aren't getting married until the kids are one or two. Oh yes back to the second little guy. I wanted to name him Tyler James Horan. The boys have concerts this whole week in random places in London. Alexis was very tolerant with me. We got into some fights but we got over them. I'm a wreck. Niall gets bitched by me sometimes to but he just pretends like it isn't happening. My life sucks at times but what can I say life isn't perfect. Oh yeah I have some good news to. Remember my dad? Well he got arrested for killing someone and child abuse and rape the last two are cause of me. I have no clue who he killed tho. But I'm praying for there family. Oh yeah his brother, I got a restraining order for him. I met Niall's parents two months ago. At first his mom hated my guts but she came out to being a lovely person. Niall's brother he is so nice and sweet! Just like mah baby.
-back to present time-
I sat on the couch watching tv. Alexis was making dinner for us both. I was watching g spongebob when breaking news came on. ' there's a murder on the lose. He or she is close by 7374 street. I gasped that's out block. 'Alexis come here!' I screamed. 'What why wrong is the baby coming?!' 'No look at the news!' 'Holy shit! That's three or four houses down!' Then there was a knock on the door. I looked at Alexis nervously. I got up and got a bat. I went by the door. I looked out of the window. I couldn't see anyone. I opened the door slowly. I saw no one. Then I heard the bushes shake. I screamed and slammed the door close. This is not a good time can't fear bring on labor?!' 'Yes.' 'Shit just go in the kitchen before the food burns.' She ran in and turned off the stove and put the food on the plates. I heard a tap on the back door. I froze again. I looked at Alexis. I turned around and saw someone in a clown mask staring really close into my eyes. I screamed. And pushed who ever that was and ran for my life and the Josh's life. I heard laughing coming downstairs. I slowly walked down and saw the boys laying no the floor cracking up. 'Thats not fucking funny! You guys are dicks! You know that! Don't bother talking to me for a while!' I screamed at them. I looked at them one last time and ran upstairs. Their faces were filled with sorrow. I slammed my door and locked it. I started to cry. I fell asleep on me bed.
Next morning-
I woke up by a wet water walking going down my leg. I unlocked my door and woke up Alexis. She helped me to the hospital. 'Kara you gotta wake Niall up! Just because you are mad at him doesn't mean you can't let him see his own child be born!' 'Ok ok you are right call him and hurry please.'
Alexis's pov~
I called him but e didn't answer. I called him ten times. This was the last time I tried. And e finally picked up.
Me: about time Niall!
Niall: what I was sleeping?
Me: Kara's giving birth any minute but I guess you rather sleep than see your child be born.
Niall pov~
I heard my phone ringing about ten times. I didn't want to get because I was so stupid yesterday. She hates me now. My phone rang again I just picked it up because I was annoyed.
-skips conv-
Shit I'm a idiot. I woke up all the boys and got sweats and a shirt on. We ran into the hospital. 'What room is Kara Johnson in?' 'Uh 121. OMG yiu are one directions!' 'Yeah we know we need to go!' We ran up to the room. I opened the door and saw Kara all sweaty and about to literally rip the baby out of her stomach. She looked at me then looked away. I didn't know what to do. 'Ok it's time to push.' The doc said. I ran over by Kara's hand and held it. She tired to pull it away but I didn't let her. She pushed about five times and I heard a cry. 'Whats his name?' She asked Kara. 'Josh ray Horan.' I'm happy she didn't change it. The doc checked everything out on the little guy and then rapped him in a blanket. 'Hey joshy.' Kara said. 'Niall I'm still mad at you but if you make it up to me ill not be mad at you anymore and hold your son now.' 'Thanks you Kara you know I love you.'
THE END! The sequel will be put up tonight. It's called 'Unforgotten love.' Thanks guys for your support. I know this was probably boring to you but I would like feedback? Please. Stay amaZayn.
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