Lost and Found

Kara has a very rough life. She is abused by her step father. One day at school she sees a group of girls around 5 boys. She rans over to them and helps them. Will she find she fall in love with one of the boys?


44. 44.) chapter 44

Kara's pov~
I woke up with a worried headache and the feeling of I was about to puke. I ran into Niall's bathroom and puked. Someone held my hair up. I turned and saw Niall thank god because lm just in my bra and underwear. I stop puking and I got a sweat shirt and sweat pants. I threw my hair up in a high ponytail. I brushed my teeth and went downstairs to eat something. I got a some toast and milk. I ate it, my stomach wasn't feeling good. I was about to puke again. I sat by the toilet all day puking and in my stomach hurts. I eventually I fell asleep in there. I woke up with a blanket on me I got up and walked out of the bathroom. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I put my hand on my stomach and felt something. This can't be the doc told me I wasn't pregnant. I'm not pregnant maybe my stomachs just upset. I got some toast and cooked it. I went outside and I decided to take a run. I use to run. I put my gym shoes on and got my keys. I opened the door and smelled the air. I locked the door and closed it. I put my headphones in and put my music on shuffle. I started to run. I ran to the park which is is about a mile. I saw a water fountain. I got some and started to run again when I got a phone call. I ignored it because I want to just run get away from something's and just forget about the whole thing of might being pregnant. My phone stopped buzzing I listened to what makes you beautiful when this cute guy started running next to me. I pulled my headphones out. "Hi I'm Greyson." He said. "Uhm hi I'm Kara." "Can I get your number?" "Uhm no i have a boyfriend." I put my headphones back in and ran as fast as I can. But he just followed me. "I'll still take your number I dot care if you have a boyfriend." "Get away from me creep." "No give me your number." He grabbed my arm. I turned around and slapped him. I ran faster than I ever ran before. Shit he is still following me and he looks mad as fuck. I ran slower to save energy. I crossed the street right before the cars started to go. Luckily the cars stopped Greyson. He almost got hit by a car. I ran back to the house. I was out of the breath. I opened the door and seeing everyone on the couch with worried faces on. Niall nearly knocked over the table. I pulled my headphones. "Uhm why is everyone looking at me like that?" I asked. "Because we thought you were missing!" Alexis yelled. "My bad sorry." "Why didn't you answer us?!" "I didn't hear my phone go of because I Uhm... Was running." "You are lying what's the really reason?" "We'll I was running but this guy came up to me... And asked for my number I told him I had a boyfriend and he said he is fine if I had another boy, I still said no and then he grabbed my arm.. Then I slapped him then he chased me but luckily I made it just across the street in time. He almost got hit by a car. I ran as fast as I can back her. That's why I'm out of breath and I need water." I walked into the kitchen and got a bottle of water. Niall came by my and hugged me. I was a but shocked by the hug but I hugged him back and kissed him. Niall I'm fine. He just kept hugging me. I tired to pull him off. "Niall you are killing me!" "Oh sorry babe."
Niall's pov~
I woke up and Kara wasn't there. I kinda started to panic. I walked around the house looking every where. I looked in the yard but she wasn't there. I called her phone no answer. I got Alexis up and asked her if she saw her but she didn't. Shit shit shit! I got everyone down here. I talked to them for about 30 mins when the front door opened. Then Kara's face appeared. I ran up to her and hugged her. We talked for a while when Kara went into the kitchen i followed her and hugged her and I didn't let go. She asked me to get off but I didn't. She said she was fine and tired to take me off if her. She turned around and kissed me. "I'm fine Niall really." I let her go and went back into the living room. The door bell rang. "I got it," Kara said. "You followed me home?!?!!??" Kara yelled. I got up and saw this guy with a big hand mark on his cheek. "Nice shot but its my turn now," I whispered in Kara's ear. She moved back a bit when i punched that guy right in face. He fell backwards. I shut the door and went up stairs.
Alexis pov~
Kara was missing for a while when she came threw the front door. We all jumped up. She explained the whole thing and the went into the kitchen. They came back out and the door bell ran and Kara got it. "You followed me home?!?!!" Kara yelled. But Niall went beside her and whispered something in her ear and she moved back and Niall punched the guy right in his face. Damn hardcore much. Then he ran right upstairs. Kara ran up stairs and went with Niall. Everyone had shocked faces on.
Niall's pov~
I punched the guy, closed the door, and ran upstairs. Kara followed me. I threw myself on my bed. Kara jumped on top of me. "Owe Kara that hurt!" "Hey I don't weigh that much." She put a pouty face on. "No you just hit my stomach." "Oh ok..." I pulled her closer to my lips and kissed her for a lonnnnnngggg time. We fell asleep.
A/n I'm add three more chapters and then imma make a sequel I want to know what the name of the new book. Comment or kik at karbearcleve.xx thanks guys u guys are amaZayn (:.
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