Lost and Found

Kara has a very rough life. She is abused by her step father. One day at school she sees a group of girls around 5 boys. She rans over to them and helps them. Will she find she fall in love with one of the boys?


43. 43.) chapter 43

Kara's pov~
I woke up and I was about to puke so I ran into my bathroom and opened the toilet seat. When I was puking I felt someone rub my back. I looked up and saw Niall. I smiled at him and contuined puking. "Hey Niall did we use a comdom last night?" Me eyes widen. "Uhm no Kara we didn't." He said. "Ok ok just go get Alexis and tell her to come here please Niall." He nodded and grabbed some clothes on and left. I shut he door and went in my cabinet. I pulled out the tests. Read the directions ad did what it said to do. I peed on it and then I heard a knock on the door. I put the stick on the counter. I opened the door and saw Alexis. I grabbed her arm and literally pulled he in here. I told her what happened. She just chuckled because it was my first time having sex. I slap her but not hard and told her to focus. She put in her serious face luckily. I asked her what should I do and stuff like that. "Alexis I can't be pregnant! My life is crazy! If my dad ever knews about this shit hell kill it!" I yelled/whispered. "Well how about we go to the clinic thing and go see if you really are or not?" "Ok." I said. Still unsure. I'm to young to be a mother. I'm only 19. Well still it's kinda young! I asked Alexis if we can go at 1 o'clock. She said ok and asked me if she wanted to bring up breakfast. I nodded rally fast. I was starving! When she brought it up I literally devoured it under ten mins. That's extraordinary. I tho I always eat fast but still I never ate anything under ten mins. I took a shower and and got my clothes. A black tight shirt and a white mini skirt. I know sluttly looking but I don't care right now. At least I don't wear thongs.... Like some sluttly girls do... Sometimes I think I dress like a slut. Oh well YOLO. Hahah I just did not say that... Oh awkward. I walked downstairs, started humming kiss you by Ed Sheehan. I saw Niall eyes on my I winked at him and told Alexis I was going to the car. I was walking out when I saw something in all black start running at me. I just stand there and scream. I start to run but he caught up a bit. I stopped and punched that person right in the gave. They were out cold. I think I broke my wrist. I pulled up the hood and saw it was Chris's brother. I squealed and ran into the house. I holding on to Niall tightly and crying. He kept asking what happened. I was so shocked. He grabbed my wrist. I screamed in pain. He instantly left go and saw my hand fall straight down. Which made me scream more. Everyone was trying to get me to tell them what had happened. I said I'll tell them after I get my wrist checked out. They agreed. We drove to the hospital and got my wrist checked out. "May I asked what had happened to your wrist the nurse asked. "Well see what happened was I was walking out of my I mean our house because I was going to see if I was pregnant and then this person came out chasing me. I ran and I stopped and punched him in the face. Then I lifted the hood up and saw my dads fucking crazy brother." Alexis an Niall gasped. I started to cry. "I'm sorry and while you are here want to see if to re pregnant?" She asked. I nodded and she put my cast on and went to a different room and did tests. They were a little weird but I managed. She left and its been five mins. She came back. "Well she here sweetie you aren't pregnant. I would highly advise to take the pills so you don't get pregnant. Or just use a condom." I blushed a bit. "Alright I'll take the pills. Now where can I get the pills?" "I'll give you a proscription." "Ok thanks," she handed me it and I left. I walked out with Niall and Alexis and the Boys. I pulled Alexis to the side and asked her to get me the proscription. She nodded and told Harry that she was getting my proscription with wasn't a lie I need medicine for my wrist to get better to. I got back to the house and undressed down to my underwear and bra and I fell asleep.
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