Lost and Found

Kara has a very rough life. She is abused by her step father. One day at school she sees a group of girls around 5 boys. She rans over to them and helps them. Will she find she fall in love with one of the boys?


30. 30.) chapter 30

Chris pov~
I'm calling tommy to ask of he known about this. I called him and he answered no. I sighed. I hung up. I got mad so I went to the hospital floor 2. I didn't know what room but ill hear them. I have a switch blade I'm my pocket and ill use it.
Alexis's pov~
I got the feeling something is gonna happen. Like its going to happen an second so I closed the door and locked it. Better safe then sorry. I heard a knock on the door. I looked thought the whole in the door. Then I saw him. Chris. I gasped and walked backwards and fell. Then Harry went to the door and looked thought the door. He asked who is was. I said Chris... Kara started crying. Niall hugged her and kissed her on the head. I kept hearing the knocking and him saying "I know u guys are in there." I got scared. I went by Kara and sat on the bed with her. Niall said he had a plan. He whispered it to Kara and I. He said "that me and Kara hide in the bathroom as el go on the bed and pretend to be the person in here and Ill open the door. We were about to disagree and his said just go and Niall picked up Kara because she couldn't walk. He placed her on the toilet and shut the door and went to open the door for Chris. He opened the door and asked who was he? He tired looking above and under niall's arm. Then he saw el on the bed and said sorry wrong room. He left.
Nialls pov~
Yes it worked! He left. I picked up Kara and placed her back on the bed.she kinda whined in pain. I held her hand and kissed it. Everyone sighed of relief that he left.
Chris pov~
I went to the wrong room I'm stupid it was pretty awkward but who cares. I thought I heard Kara's voice in there but I guess it wasn't.
Tommy's pov~
Chris called me saying Kara's friend changed rooms. I got angry I heard Chris say he is going over there to do something to her.
Kara's pov~
I said I'm soooo hungry!!!! I whined. Niall said he'll get nandos! I hugged him and thanked him. He smiled and left.
Nialls pov~
Kara whined for food. That's my girl. I said in my head. I was hungry to. I said I'll go to nandos. Kara's eyes lite up like a firework. She hugged me and I left.
Alexis pov~
I'm glad Kara woke up. Niall is so happy! He was freaking literally jumping outta his plants. He went to go get food! I'm so hungry!!!
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