Lost and Found

Kara has a very rough life. She is abused by her step father. One day at school she sees a group of girls around 5 boys. She rans over to them and helps them. Will she find she fall in love with one of the boys?


3. 3.) chapter 3

I ran outta the car without looking back all eyes were staring at me like I'm crazy. Wat I can't afford to get in trouble because if I get in trouble my step blade will have my ass. I run a little faster because the bell is gonna ring in like a min. So then I heard my name being called it was Alexis and Hayley. I ran into the classroom and sat in my sit. Then Alexis and Hayley say on the sides on me. Then the bell rings. I just made it. Alexis started to talk to me. She asked " wat was tht about?" I said my step dad and she nodded and stopped talking. The bell rang then we walked to English. We walked in there and started talking about the boys we helped out. Alexis and Hayley was like so excited to talk about them. I asked who they were. They both looked at me and laughed. I gave them a weird look. Alexis said"are u serious?" I nodded. She gasped. I asked " what did I do?" they screamed at me saying "THAT WAS ONE DIRECTION!!!" I said " oh thats why they look like I seen them before!" I face palmed. The next bell rang. It was time for lunch. I got my lunch outta my locker and went to the lunch room and sat next to Alexis and Hayley and some other I know but I dont really like. I heard buzz buzz. It was Alexis's phone she went up to answer it and then came back with a shocking face.
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