Lost and Found

Kara has a very rough life. She is abused by her step father. One day at school she sees a group of girls around 5 boys. She rans over to them and helps them. Will she find she fall in love with one of the boys?


25. 25.) chapter 25

Chris pov~
Tommy and I are keeping it low until Kara wakes up. That's when our big entrance is. But that is like in 3-4 months! This kill or kidnap better be worth my time.
Tommy's pov~
Dude I'm honestly not into all the killing. But I'm in a mood for doing things. She won't wake up until 3-4 months! And then her "best friend"is always there so we can't do anything about it. We just watch the 4 floor because Kara is on the floor. I want to see her beautiful face again I wanna kiss her soft tiny lips again. Chris I think is way to excited for her to come out. He wants to use her, abuse her, and screw her. That nasty prick. But I'm going "along" with his plan until we get Kara back.
Alexis's pov~
In two more days the boys o on break for a week. Well I know that because I'm a directioner! I know everything about them. They are off for a week. I hope they come visit me and Kara. Im getting ready bored. And plus every time I come down here this boy nurse flirts with me... Ewww... Don't get me wrong he is cute but I have a boyfriend. He is like17-20tge boy nurse? I'm 18 turning 19 in 5 months! I can't wait. I think me and Harry are the youngest because Kara is already 19 so is Niall, Zayn, Liam. Louis is 20. I came outta Kara's room and I saw the boy nurse again! He is pissing me off! He is coming up to me oh great just what I need a boy to come and flirt with me. He came up and said "hello I'm Tyler." I walked away. He grabbed my hand and I tired to pull away but I couldn't. He spun he around. I slapped him. He had rage in his eyes. I ran into Kara's room and locked the door. I called Harry. He didn't answer. That's right! He is in a concert right now. I sighed and turned on the tv. I flicked though the channels and I surprisingly I found the boys concert. I watched them. I saw Harry come on stage and say something that touched my heart.
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