Lost and Found

Kara has a very rough life. She is abused by her step father. One day at school she sees a group of girls around 5 boys. She rans over to them and helps them. Will she find she fall in love with one of the boys?


2. 2.) chapter 2

When we got to school there was a group of girls surrounding these boys. I couldn't see their faces. I told the Alexis and Hayley we had to help them. So I run over and grab a hand. It was this cute blonde haired boy. I think I seen him before! Then Alexis pulls this other curly hair boy and was amazed but him. Then Hayley pulls the other 2 out. She looks at the one with his hair with a flip. Oh wait there was still one more I pulled him out and whispered to the boys to ran. They did they followed Alexis, Hayley, and me to Alexis's car. We jump in hoping we lost those girls. We did. Then I turn around to see Hayley stuck in the middle of the 3 boys. It looked so funny! I luaghed and everyone looked at me. I felt awkward so I turned around and looked down. Then finally one of them began to speak. It was the curly haired one. He said" thanks so much for tht! We owe u guys! Hi I'm Harry. And u girls are? I said my name first. Kara I said. He said wat a lovely name. I said not really then Hayley went said her name. The boy that she looked at when we pulled them off, his head shot up eyes filled with excitement. Then Alexis. Harry's eyes were filled with excitement to. The boys said their names but I kinda didn't catch them I was busy to busy staring at wats his name..? Niall! Thts it. I texted Alexis saying we gotta get in school! She was sad. I texted her say" maybe u can let them use ur car so those girls won't attack th again." she agreed quickly. Alexis started to speak saying" we have to go to school... But I can let you guys use my car so you guys don't attacked by your fans again. I thought to myself for a second "fans wat the hell?"They quickly agreed.
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