Picking thorns

Just read it please I know what its going to be about, but I just cant put it in a summary. xx Sammi


9. Chapter 9

Sam's POV
Liam appeared at the door with something that was shiny. Then the window cracked which cause me and Zayn to screech.
"Sam why did you come here with him?!" Liam asked annoyed.
"Liam I still love him, I never will stop. Im sorry." I replied.
"But I love you Sam. Just please give me a chance." He begged while he set the spoon down and walked over to me, pulling me up to his body, and pressing his lips together. I tried to struggle free but he became an addiction. I kissed him back and our lips slowly moved in sync.
"SAM WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Zayn exclaimed pulling us apart.
"I dont know." I mumbled.
"Im sorry Sam but we cant be together, you are falling in love with my best friend. I just want whats best for you." He responded, as tears were threatening my eyes.
"If thats what you want then ok." I responded sadly.
"Sam its for our own good. I will NEVER stop loving you." He replied then kissed my head before leaving me alone with Liam.
"I guess addictions get you here huh?" I asked Liam.
"Ya I guess so." He responded then placed his arms around my waist, and kissed me.
Is this what I want to happen? Is it?
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