Picking thorns

Just read it please I know what its going to be about, but I just cant put it in a summary. xx Sammi


7. Chapter 7

Sam's POV

Zayn's smile was fake...what am I missing here? I mean I was unconcious for what like 2-3 days...and this is what happens...I couldnt help but frown when I saw his stupid fake smile.

"Sam whats wrong?" Liam asked concerned.

"Can I talk to you alone?" I questioned.

"Just dont mind YOUR boyfriend..." Zayn said angrily as he started to walk away.

"Wait Zayn...so your telling me that its ok to cheat in a relationship?" I asked.

"Excuse me?" he asked.

"Dont 'excuse me' me mister! Im not the one who gets into a relationship and turns around and basically swallows a girl whole, the next day." I sassed. He just stayed silent.

"It was better when I was unconcious. The time when people were looking at us like we were high...that was fun. The time when I saw my mum, dad, and little brother...and when I was able to transport anywhere. You know...I made this one mistake in my life that really bothers me now...and that was getting in a relationship with you. I loved you. I really did. I think were better off friends than in a relationship." I yelled, then quieted down in the end.

I looked up at him, and tears fell down his face like there was no tomorrow. Seeing him cry made me cry. Liam pulled me into his lap as I was bauling my eyes out. He kept on stroking my head and down to my back, then back up to my head. I opened my eyes a little and saw Zayn in one of the chairs with his head in his hands.

"Did I do the right thing?" I asked my self. But insted Liam answered me.

"Is that what you wanted?" he asked. To be honest...no not at all. I mean everybody makes mistakes, but Liam admitted his love to me. I took a deep breath, then let it out.

"Is this what you wanted?" Liam asked once again. I closed my eyes to think, but I felt that I was on the edge of the world and I took a big jump...I didnt respond to him yet again. Zayn lifted his head a little and looked at me with his tear marked face. I mouthed 'no' to him. He smiled at me with that to die for smile.

"Yes." I said to Liam. But honestly I just wanted to be in Zayn's arms. His arms...the ones that make me feel safe. The ones that make me grow stronger. The ones that my little brother went to and expressed himself to him. The one guy that Chris excepted.

"Then you answered your question. You did do the right thing." Liam replied as his grip on me became tighter than it was before. Not to tight, but he was making sure that I wouldnt slip away, like a melting popsicle on a stick in the sun.

Zayn stood up slowly, then walked up to me and Liam...then suddenly I was being ripped out of Liam's arms, and the wind was whistling through my ears. Then I was burst with the chilly night air.

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