Picking thorns

Just read it please I know what its going to be about, but I just cant put it in a summary. xx Sammi


4. Chapter 4

Sam's POV

I watched as his eyes slowly closed. Oh god no! I ran up to Gabe and slapped him repeatedly left to right, while standing over him. He is such a douche!

"YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!" I yelled pulling a knife from my pocket.

"SAM! DONT!" I heard Liam yell.

"WHY SHOULDNT I ?!" I shouted back, while turning to look at him.

"He has a gun." he responded pointing to his hand. Oh god!


Zayn's POV

Pull that trigger. I dare you, and if you do you will die! I was standing over Chris, making sure he was still breathing. Blood. Blood? Oh heck no!


"YOU JUST SHOT HER?! OH HECKS NO!" Louis shouted mocking Sam from earlier. Wait he shot her?!

"Liam watch over Chris for me." I said, as Liam took my place. I took a look at Sam, who was on the ground with Louis crying telling her to get her bum up.

I slowly picked the knife up that was in Sam's hands, stared at it for a minute, then looked at this guy apperently his name was Gabe. So this was the guy that almost killed Chris. Well this isnt almost. I walked up to him like he was a nobody, and jabbed him in his heart, then his neck, followed by his head, then I let him drop and bleed out.

"Guys Chris is loosing his pulse." Liam informed us. The one guy I can get close to in less than a few days, is almost dead.

"Sam has a pulse...she is just unconcious." Liam informed.

"Ok, thanks. Lets take them to the hospital." Niall said as he picked Chris up, and I picked Sam up. How can people say that she is fat? Gosh, she doesnt weigh that much. We walked them out and set them in the car, me holding Sam in my lap, and Chris in Niall's lap. Liam kept on checking Chris' pulse and everytime he did, it got lower and lower.

"Guys he is gone." Liam informed, as he started to cry along with the others. At least Sam doesnt have to deal with it right now, but she will have to when she awakes. I hope she does wake up though.


Sam's POV

My arm hurts like so bad. Why cant I move? Why cant I speak? The only thing I can do is hear...well kinda...

"Guys he is gone." I heard some guy inform us. Wait who is gone? I hope that its not Chris. What would I do if Chris died? I wonder how mum is. I just ignored the rest of what the people were saying.

"Sweety, how are you?" I heard my mum ask.

"I thought you were in Michigan?" I asked.

"Im in heaven." she responded.

"Y-your where?" I stuttered out on the verge of crying.

"I have to go sweety. Your brother is waiting for me." she said as she disappeared into sparkles.

So your telling me that im alone now?! I wanna die now. But wait, what about my little cousin that I havent seen in awhile? I do believe she is 4 now.

"Hey sissy?" I heard a guy ask.

"Ya boobear?" I responded.

"He really does love you. I mean he would die for you. He killed Gabe when we were passed out. I saw it. Now Gabe is in that bad place now. Please stay strong sissy. He loves you so much. More than any guy can love you." Chris said as he hugged me.

"But I cant survive without you boo bear. What am I going to do without you?" I asked as I started to cry.

"I am always in here." he said as he placed his hand on my heart. I hugged his once again, and gave him one last kiss on the cheek.

"I love you boobear." I said as tears streamed down my face.

"I love you too. And please watch out." he responded.

"Watch out for what?" I questioned.

"Just watch out." he said as he faded away, just like mum did. Now im alone, just what I wanted.

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