Picking thorns

Just read it please I know what its going to be about, but I just cant put it in a summary. xx Sammi


3. Chapter 3

Chris's POV

Haha Sam is so going to kill me for leaving her in a room alone with her one love! Haha I am so nice...me, Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry all sat on the couch and watched tv. Then a picture of Sam and Zayn popped up from earlier, when he saved her from falling and hitting her face.

"Oh..." Liam said

"My..." Harry continued

"Im hungry..." Niall claimed

"Can we change the channel?" Louis pleaded.

We totally ignored them...just then my phone rang, as I put some popcorn in my mouth.

"Hello?" I asked as I answered it.

"Hello is this Christopher Tryan?" the guy asked.

"May I ask who this is?" I questioned.

"This is the hospital...your mum she uh passed away a few moments ago." he said "Im sorry for your loss. Do you have any guardian who could watch over you?" he continued.

"My older sister..." I said as I drenched myself in my own tears.

"Ok...thats great! I have to go now..." he said and hung up the phone. I started to wail...

"Oh my gosh! Whats wrong?!" Liam asked frantically.

"Mum...she...died..." I managed to stumble out.

"Come on...were going somewhere to get your mind off things..." Lou said as he took my hand and lead us all out the door, without leaving a single note...


Zayn's POV

Me and Sam were just talking like normal people...but she still hasnt found out my secret though...

"Hey Sam...can I ask you something?" I asked

"Ya anything." she answered

"Would you uh like to go on a date with me tonight?" I questioned.

"I would love to." she confessed.

We got up and walked downstairs to look for the others...but nothing...?!

"BOOBEAR!" Sam yelled looking all over the house...we finally met up in the living room.

"Any luck?" I asked her

"No...you?" she questioned

"Nope..." I sighed.

"What if Chris got kidnapped?!" she paniced and started to pace around the room. I couldnt get her to stop...but I bet this would stop her...I grabbed her shoulders, leaned in and kissed her. I pulled away after a couple of seconds.

"He didnt get kidnapped...I can promise you that..." I said kissing her cheek.

Then my phone vibrated...a text from...LIAM!

-Hey we went out for a bit, Chris was told that his mum just passed away...oh and should I mention that some guy came and stole him...so we are going to be out looking for him xx Li-

"Sam change of plans...were going out on a search!" I demanded...

"What happend?" she asked wooriedly

"Uhm someone kidnapped chris..." I clarified.

"EXCUSE ME! OH HECKS NO!" she shouted and stormed out the door.


Chris' POV

Where am I? Why does my head hurt? Oh wait...shhh...I hear people talking...

"Mum!...ya...noooo....okkkk....lemme checkk...c ya..." I heard...

"Oh your awake?" I heard him say...

"What do you want?" I asked annoyed at who it was...

"I want your sister..." he responded, smiling deviously.

"Listen Gabe! She will never take you back...I mean NEVER!" I protested.

"We'll see about that!" he said as he snatched my phone from me...

"HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!" I shouted repeatedly...until I heard that voice...then everything went black...

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