Picking thorns

Just read it please I know what its going to be about, but I just cant put it in a summary. xx Sammi


2. Chapter 2

Chris' POV

Zayn is really really cool! I hope Sam chooses him. The other night I had a nightmare that I murdered Sam. I mean why would I murder Sam?! She is the best sister in the whole world!

Im in my room right now bored to death, its already noon and Sam isnt awake yet. I heard a big 'clink' comming from downstairs. I decided that I should check it out. I slowly pryed myself out of the comfty bed and wobbled downstairs. There I saw Louis and Zayn talking. They didnt notice me or anything, so I just listened to their conversation...

"Sam is so beautiful." I heard Zayn say, as he smiled.

"I know...she looks like she is 15!" Louis exclaimed.

I was rolling on the floor laughing, I seriously was. I started to cry I was laughing so hard. When Sam was 15 she was labled the looser of school...wearing glasses and braces, for being fat, and mainly for being shy. Apperently I got Zayn's and Louis' attention, because they were by my side trying to figure out why I was laughing...

"Whats wrong dude?" Zayn asked as I calmed down a little.

"You both like my sister dont you?" I questioned them.

"How do you know?" he asked

"I overheard you guys say that she was----" before I could say anything, I saw Sam come down in on of those night-braces and her glasses on, with bed hair.

"Sam...you have that thing on your uhm head." I said

"I know...I will take it off in a few...and I have to run to the pharmacy to get my contacts...anyone wanna come?" she asked, just as the others came down.

"Sure." Louis said.

"I will stay here with Chris...you all should go!" Zayn suggested, they all agreed then left.

"Hey Chris?" Zayn asked me as we sat on the couch and flipped the tv on.

"Ya?" I questioned.

"Do you think Sam loves me the way that I love her?" he asked.

"I dont know. I could talk to her about it later when she gets back." I said, just as Sam rushed in.

"Forget to take the thing off?" I asked.

"Shush! Oh and can I talk to you later after we get back?" she asked as she tookm the thing off.

"Ya! I needed to talk to you too anyway." I responded.

"Zayn please dont hurt him!" she said as she started to run out the door, but failed as she tripped over her foot and almost fell face first. You heard me right. ALMOST! Zayn caught her before she could fall. Man he was fast...I didnt even feel the couch move when he got up. They sat there staring into each others eyes...I just watched as Zayn leaned in...oh my gosh! There going to kiss! Or so I thought...Louis had to ruin the moment...curse you Louis!

"Come on Sam!" he said annoyed by what he saw. Then with that they left.


Sam's POV

A certain someone had to ruin my moment with Zayn...im so urggggggg! As we got in the car, I drove. "Urg!" I said as we hit the traffic ahead of us! At least I had Harry, Liam, and Niall with me, instead of being alone with Louis the whole ride.

"So Sam tell us about yourself." Harry said breaking the silence.

"Well...I just turned 20 years old...my dad died on 9/11...my favorite colour is orange, but I wear the most blue or purple...my mum had me move here...uhm im not much of a girly-girl...I like to party...I have a phobia of spoons and straws..." I replied.

"I have a phobia of spoons too! How did you get your phobia of straws?" Liam questioned.

"Well...this one creep scared the crap out of me while I was taking a drink from a straw...so ya...not to mention I almost died." I said.

"Who is this weird creep may I ask?" Louis asked.

"My step brother...he commited suicide after I told him that he was a weird creep and after I stopped hanging out with him...to be honest I never really liked him..." I responded.

"Oh..." Louis said awkwardly.

My phone started to ring...it was Tara my best friend!

"Hey Tara!" I said as I put her on speaker phone.

"Sam! This isnt Tara...its her mum! Tara died in a car accident!" she informed me.

"Oh...my...gosh!" I exclaimed "Thanks for letting me know...I am in a traffic jam...wait...I see Tara!" I continued as I saw Tara's lifeless body laying on the gravel...Just then she hung up on me.

"Oh my gosh!" everyone gasped as they saw her beautiful face. The one thing that bugged me the most was that her face was pale...

We finally arrived back at home, with my contacts. I found Chris and Zayn talking. They turned to me and their smiles instantly faded as they saw my tear streaked face, rushing over to me embracing me in a hug.

"Wanna talk about it?" Zayn whispered in my ear. His breath tickled my neck as I nodded. He took me upstairs, into my room and closed the door.

"Whats wrong?" he asked as we sat on my bed.

"My bestfriend died. On top of that I think that im in love with someone I just dont want that person to hurt someone else." I replied wipping my tears away.

"Wow...im sorry about your friend...but for the second one...who is it?" he questioned.

"Thats why I wanted to talk to Chris..." I responded, just on that que I heard Chris yell. Me and Zayn rushed downstairs and found him and Niall playing the x-box.

"Wait- wait- wait----boo ya!" Chris exclaimed jumping up and down as he defeated Niall. Everyone turned to look at me and Zayn.

"Ready to talk?" Chris asked. I nodded and we went up in my room.

"You first" I said.

"Ok...Zayn loves you!" he said, as my face went from 'blah' to 'oh my gosh! its one direction!' I couldnt speak I was that suprised.

"Well...now your turn." he smiled.

"I have feelings for Zayn." I whispered still smiling.

"MY SISSY HAS A CRUSH!" he yelled jumping up and down. Then everybody came rushing in.

"Zayn...and Sam...need some privacy..." he said as he escorted the others out of the room, closing the door, locking it from the outside. Just great.

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