Picking thorns

Just read it please I know what its going to be about, but I just cant put it in a summary. xx Sammi


11. Chapter 11

Liam's POV

She didnt respond...she just stood there and started to cry. She kept on mumbling 'Chris' and everything....then finally she stood up straight up, it looks as if she wasnt crying...no tear marks...no runny nose...no red puffy eyes...she just stood there smirking at me.

"You really wanna marry me? I was just using you. You are just another one of my- no I dont want this. I wanna marry- no you dont wanna marry this ass." she said...wait her facial expressions kept on changing, from evil to saddness. Wait, whats going on?!

"Liam help me. - no! you are marrying Zayn end of discussion! - I dont want to though!" she shouted. What am I supposed to do?! I stood up quickly and tried to kiss her, but she smacked me...like really hard.

"Sam! Control yourself!" I demanded while grabbing her arms.

"Liam, I cant! - haha I am controling her now - Liam! Help me!" she yelled....I looked around, found duck tape...I quickly taped it around her body...from her chest to her stomach...she kept throwing herself around, hitting every wall possible. I had enough of this, so I ran to her pinning her to the ground. I got kneed to many times, of course it hurt...but im doing this for her. True love never fails. She stopped fighting back...then I saw plain evil in her eyes...eyes turning black with flames. I saw her pick something sharp up...a knife.

I started to make out with her. I am doing this for her. If I die right here right now...it would be for a good reason, saving Sam. I heard a 'tink', she must have dropped the knife...then she started to kiss back. I saw a spirit come drifting out of her body and into the air. Me and Sam released the kiss and both looked at the spirit.

"True love never fails." I whispered.

"That was just a test. You are the right man for her, you would do anything for her...even risk your life for her, thats major. Take care guys. Love you Sammi." the spirit responded then disappeared into the air.

"Love you to boo bear." Sam whispered as tears flailed down her face. I pulled her on my lap, kissing her neck over and over. Sending smiles on both our faces.

                        ****2 months later****

Sam's POV

Right now, I am at the doctors...recently I havent been feeling like myself...I mean I have been vomiting alot.

"Samantha Tyran." the nurse called. I stood up and made my way through to her, dodging all the little kids playing in the play area. I finally made my way to her and walked into the room.

"Ok, what seem's to be the problem today?" he asked with a smile. Ya I had a guy doctor, but I got used to that...all the guys were nicer to me.

"Well, I have been vomiting alot lately." I responded.

"Here lets do a few tests and lets see whats the problem." he said with a slight smile.

"Ok." I replied.

                      ***After the tests***

"Sam...I think we found the problem out." Nick (nurse) said, while placing his hand on mine.

"Ok, whats the problem?" I asked.

"Sam, your pregnant." he said...right then I started to cry, then I walked out of the building and called Liam.

"Hey, where are you?" he asked concerned.

"I am at the doctors." I responded and let out a whimper.

"Is everything alright?" he asked really concerned.

"Liam, Im pregnant." I replied, then the line went dead.

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