Its Always Been You

Hi, the names Lacey. I’m 18 and have been dating Niall Horan for about a year
now. I am 5'7 and have a twin sister named Haley. I have long blonde hair and
green eyes. You may be wondering how I met Niall. So I'll start from the


5. Wedding Plans

  -1 week later-

Niall has to go on tour soon so we have already started planning the wedding. Niall's mom has this idea of a big wedding but Niall and I really just want a small one with only friends and family.  I have been staying at Niall's house lately because of how late we have been staying up trying to get everything done.  " Goodmorning beautiful."  I love waking up to him in the mornings. " Morning babe," I say while he kisses my neck. " Niall, " I laugh. "Are you hungry babe? Im starving."  Well someones in a good mood. We get up and eat cereal because nethier of us are really good cooks. He sits on the love seat and I sit in his lap. We cuddle while watching the tv when Niall's phone rings. He kisses my cheek then picks me up and toughts me to his room where his phone is.  " Niall, " I say while laughing as he lays me on the bed.  "Hello, yea I'll see if she wants to come, ok talk to you later."  " That was Zayn, him and Ansley are going to the beach later  and wanted to know if you wanna come."
" Yea, that sounds great."  " Ok," he says while laying beside me. We kiss and I think you know what happened next.  


              -Later that day- 
Niall and I are getting ready to meet Zayn and Ansley at the beach so I slopped my hair into a bun and put on my blue bikini with one of Nialls shirts over it. I grab my sunglasses and put them on my head while walking in the kitchen. Niall was wearing green  swim trunks and had a shirt over it. We walked got in the car and jammed to " Give Your Heart a Break" by Demi Lovato. We got to the beach and I talked to Ansley while Niall and Zayn built a sand castle.  " So, whose gonna be your maid of honor?" " I cant decide between you and Haley." " Well have you asked her if she wants to be it?" " No, but I will." About that time Niall ran over picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. " Nialllll, put me down!" I yelled as he threw me in the water. I dunked him under and he came up and kissed me. We walked on the beach holding hands untill the sun set. 

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