Its Always Been You

Hi, the names Lacey. I’m 18 and have been dating Niall Horan for about a year
now. I am 5'7 and have a twin sister named Haley. I have long blonde hair and
green eyes. You may be wondering how I met Niall. So I'll start from the


3. It's always been you


  We spin the bottle to see who goes first and it lands on Kayla, Liam's  girlfriend and also one of my beat friends. "Truth or Dare," Louis asks.  "Dare." This should be good. " I dare you to kiss Liam for 30 seconds." And they do. So now its Kayla's turn to spinn and it lands on Niall. " Truth or  dare Niall?" "Dare." " I dare you to take your shirt off for the next 3  questions." "Fine," Niall says taking his shirt off showing his abs. He spins  the bottle and of couse it lands on me. " Truth or dare babe?" "Truth." " Hmm  lets see.., ohh I got it, who was your favorite boy in the band before you met  me?" " Its always been you Niall, I love you." There was a corus of awws and  Niall says," I love you to." Then he kisses me on the cheek.                  - Few Hours Later-                         *Niall's POV*   It was around 4 when we stoped playing truth or dare, so I asked Lacey if she  wanted to go out to eat tonight at the little Italian place in town. She said  yes and decided to go home and change. So I told her I would pick her up around  6.  Meanwhile I called and made reservations and took a shower. I decided to wear a  white shirt with a blue blazer skinnys and white vans.  When I was finished I still had about 30 minutes till I had to go get Lacey so I  watched some tv with the boys.                   *Lacey's POV*   I drove home and it was about 4:30 so I took a shower, blow-dried my hair, and  straightned it. It was 5 and I still had no idea what I was gonna wear, I looked  in my closet and found a tight red strapless dress that has a small black belt  around the middle.  Perfect! I slip it on with some black heels and fix my  makeup. I look in the mirrow and I gotta admit I looked pretty good. Niall pulled in right at 6 and came I met him at the door. " You look  beautiful." he said. I blushed and said " Thanks, you dont look bad yourself."   He walked me to the car and opened my door before getting in. He kissed my cheek  and pulled out the driveway. It was a wonderful date, I love him so much.  We  were in the parking lot about to leave when Niall gets down on one knee and  says," I love you so much Lacey, will you marry me?" He held out a small box  with the prettiest ring I have ever seen. I could feel a tear drop down my face  as I give a small nod because I was pretty much speachless. I finally I managed  to say " I love you Niall" as he grabbed me an spun me around.  
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