Its Always Been You

Hi, the names Lacey. I’m 18 and have been dating Niall Horan for about a year
now. I am 5'7 and have a twin sister named Haley. I have long blonde hair and
green eyes. You may be wondering how I met Niall. So I'll start from the


2. Hanging with the Boys


I wake up to my phone vibrating. Its Niall.  Niall: wanna come hang with me and the boys today.xx Lacey: of course. see you later <3 Niall: I love you xx Lacey: love you too xx I got up and took a shower. I put my hair in a messy bun  and wore black sweat  pants and a purple aero shirt with black flip flops. I put on a little eyeliner  and mascara, grabbed a banana and got in my car headed to Niall's flat.                 *Niall's POV*   I woke up and I was starving so I went to the kitchen to get some food.  All the boys were awake except for Harry and Zayn. I sat down at the counter and  Liam handed me a plate of waffles. " Kayla, Haley, and Mary are coming over  later. You should see if Lace wants to come." As always I smiled at the sound of  her name. I love Lacey so much. " Good idea, I'll text her in a bit." I finished  my breakfast and got dressed before I texted her, knowing her shes probably  still asleep.               * Lacey's POV*   I pulled up around noon to see that the other girls were already there. I  knocked on the door and Niall came and opened it kissing me on the cheek. "  Morning love". " Good Morning babe". We walk in holding hands and Niall sits on  the couch. I end up sitting in his lap because there isnt any room left, but it  doesnt bother me a bit. We watch Toy Story and I ended up falling asleep in  Niall's lap, leaning on his shounder. I wake up around 2 and the movie is over  so Louis shouts, " Lets play truth or dare!" So we begin playing.   
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