Its Always Been You

Hi, the names Lacey. I’m 18 and have been dating Niall Horan for about a year
now. I am 5'7 and have a twin sister named Haley. I have long blonde hair and
green eyes. You may be wondering how I met Niall. So I'll start from the


6. Double Date

 - Few weeks Later-
              *Lacey's POV*
Louis called Niall earlier and asked if we wanted to double date with him and Haley. Perfect time to ask her about being my maid of honor. We are meeting my sister and Louis at a Japanese steak house in town later, so I took a shower and let Niall pick out my dress. I walk in the room in my towel and ask Niall which dress Im wearing. Of course he picked a short shinny  black strapless dress. I look at him and laugh. " Niall, are you serious?" He nods and hold up a black thong," with these." I walk over and snatch the thong from him.  He pulls me to him and we kiss. I pull away" Niall I have to get dressed." " You are still wearing that though arent you?" I wink," Guess youll just have to find out." I change and straighten my hair putting on black heels. I put on make up and go with a smokey eye look. I walk out and Niall is already dressed sitting on the couch. I walk over and sit on his lap. He looks up shocked and kisses me.

                  * Haley's POV*
Its about 5 and we are supposed to be meeting Niall and Lace around 7, so I let Louis help pick my dress. He picks this really pretty dress that is tight and strapless with blue and white stripes going down it to match Louis's style. I added a little red belt around the middle where I can wear my favorite red heels. I curl my hair and put on some makeup. It was about 6:30 so we get in his car and head out on our date. 

          *Lacey's POV*

We walk in the steak house and Haley and Louis are already there. We get a table and sit down. Louis and Niall catch up.  While I ask to Haley if she wants to be my maid of honor. " No, let Ansley be it, shes like your best friend." " Ok Haley, if you are sure." " Im sure." So I decided I would talk to Ansley tomarrow maybe Zayn can come over with her btw she is dating Zayn. We all talk and the date was pretty great.
We pulled up at the house around 9 and I was tired and wanted to get out of this dress. Niall pulls me to im and kisses me passionatly. After a few minutes I pull away. " Niall, Im really tired can we just go to sleep?" " Sure babe." he says kissing my cheek. So we change and I fall asleep with Niall's arms around me. I love this feeling.  

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